Atlantis golden dynasty and Sichuan Changyou kayak club together establish the 1st kayak club of Southwestern China

On December 20th, a kayak theme activity was launched in Swanlake, surrounded by bustling audience. Mr. Huang Zhendong, former kayak goldwinner of Asian Games presented and introduced the wonderful culture of kayak. Visitedguests had experienced the fun of racing kayak.

Water Ferraris in Swan lake

Kayak is a popular in Europe and America, the Rotomod kayak we adoptedthis time for the event is produced by a special know-how called-turningcasting, which enables the body to be light and durable. HDPE material plus uvioresistantelement enriches the color and prolongs serving life, thus it is called waterFerrari for the fast speed. Rotomod, the leading company in producing kayak, has28-year experience and represented the most advanced technique to this regard. Itsbrand RTM also rated as the No.1 kayak producer in Europe.

The 1st privatekayak club establishes in Southwestern China

Kayak, a noble and luxury sport project. In 1867, Mike Greg founded aroyal kayak club in UK and held the first kayak contest, witnessing the adventof global popular sports.

In 2010, China Xinjin International School Kayak Challenge was successfullyhold in Xinjin, where approximately 12 international kayak teams from Harvard,Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Tsinghua and Shanghai Jiaotong University participatedand over 300 thousand people watched.

When Chinese rich level are still crazy aboutsports car, upper class of advanced countries have already found their way inkayak, challenging rivers and oceans. From young people to the elderly, the overwhelmingcharm of kayak lies in strengthening cardiovascular and respiratory system andmaintaining a healthy lifestyle. At present, the trend is spreading in China.

As 1 of the 8 largest luxury properties of China,Atlantis provides a global exchange platform by establishing kayak club toguide the trend of high-end circle. Later on, Atlantis will exert great effortsto proceed in establishing cricket and golf club in order to bring bespokesports service to every owner.  

Enjoy a 170000 sq.m. private internal lake

Water carnival

On the launchingceremony, the audience learned how to play kayak thanks to the detailexplanation of professional coach. At the same time, Mr. Tang Haibin, thedeputy sales director of Atlantis and Mrs. Chen Jing, the general manager ofSichuan Changyou Kayak club signed on a brand new paddle when 6 kayaks wereshooting like arrows and flying balloons were rising to the sky. Many clientswho just experienced their first touch of kayak said they intend to participatemore in this sport.

One of guest who had thegreatest fun mentioned that he had never been in touch with kayak due to theshortage of water resource while Atlantis is equipped with such wide lake fordozens of kayak, next time I will bring my family to have fun here.

After the training, captainHuang Zhendong shared with us that for kayak sports which has a comparativelyhigh threshold is only suitable for high-end properties such as Atlantis, asfar as I know, this is the first professional club of kayak in southwesternChina. I wish to see more people come to join us and enjoy the sports.

With abundant water resourceof a 2000-year Tongji Ancient dam connecting to a 170000 sq.m. private lake andMinjiang river, it becomes the superior base of kayak sports. Meanwhile, thehigh-end customer of Atlantis is a perfect match to this noble sports and viceversa. Remarkable Atlantis is only made for the extraordinary group.

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