UK’s embassy official Paul Wills visits Atlantis

In theafternoon of Jan.20, 2015, the first secretary of UK’s embassy to China andsupervisor of UKTI environment and infrastructure (China), Mr. Paul Wills andMrs. Chenyu, the deputy chief of commercial division of UK’s consulate-generalin Chongqing visited Atlantis and had an in-depth conversation with Mr. ChenBin, president of CHG and Mrs. Liu Haiyan, vice president of CHG on trade andcommercial cooperation.

Group picture in front of King VillaSt. Louis

Speaking of why choose Atlantis to visit, Paul said in light ofyour international influence, UK embassy and UKTI are always looking forward toestablish relationship with CHG. The main responsibility of UKTI is to help UKenterprises and Chinese counterparts to establish close connections in terms oftrade and investment. Paul also mentioned he’s responsible for environment and infrastructureand he had heard a lot of overseas high-end properties invested by CHG and lookforward to bring CHG to UK’s market so as to have more cooperation in designand service industries.

Afternoon tea at St. Louis

President Mr.Chen Bin and Vice president Mrs. Liu Haiyan introduced the status quo andfuture plan such as CHG had already established cooperation with many UK peers,ATKINS completed the master plan of Atlantis Golden Dynasty, Eastnor Castle andSavills interacted with CHG tourism and real estate projects.

Later on, President Mr. Chen Bin andVice president Mrs. Liu Haiyan invited Paul’s team to visit the king villa ofAtlantis Golden Dynasty-St. Louis. Mrs. Liu mentioned the king villa now isonly opened for VVIP clients due to its value of family inheritance and thefate between St.Louis and UK clients is quite strong.

Yacht cruising in swan lake

The first guest of St. Louis, Sir James Hervey-Bathurst is thechairman of real estate department of RBS, the chief consultant of Christie’s, thechairman of UK Heritage Associate and the owner of Eastnor Castle. The secondbatch of guests visited is Lady Mei Simlai, spokeswoman of the queen and thechairman of IOD and several well-known businessmen from UK.

After completing the tour of St. Louis, Paul Wills praised thatI’ve seen lots of European-style villas in China, but none of them gave me theessence of Europe. I trust CHG’s developing capability and look forward tofuture cooperations.

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