Hope Soars with Dreams---CHG President Chenbin invited to opening ceremony of 2015 Diligent Startup Festival of Zhejiang University and made remarks

At theinvitation of Zhejiang University—China’s Stanford, CHG President Dr. Chenbin,VP Heidy and senior managers of CHG attended the opening ceremony of 2015Diligent Startup Festival of Zhejiang University on May 14th, 2015.Dr. Chenbin delivered a speech themed Hope Soars with Dreams.

Jin Deshui,the Secretary of CPC committee of Zhejiang University, Luo Jianhong , thevice-principal, Zhang Meifeng, the principal assistant, Huwei, thesecretary-general of education fund and liaison office director, Gu Yulin, thedeputy director, Lin Weilian, the deputy-chief of student affairs departmentand deans from colleges of electrics, management and tourism and relatedsupervisors attended university-enterprise exchange seminar prior to openingceremony. On behalf of Zhejiang University, Jin Deshui extended warm welcome toCHG’s visit and expressed sincere gratitude to continuous support of CHG.

Later on,President Chenbin attended the opening ceremony of Zhejiang University’s 2015Diligent Startup Festival. Vice-principal Song Yonghua, on behalf of ZhejiangUniversity, issued the tutor certificate to President Chen.

With warmapplause and expectation, President Chen shared the audience with his enrichingexperience and thoughts, combined with the exploration of Hope Group. He wantsthe students to have the courage to start up with diligence and take theresponsibilities to revitalize China. After the tastes of twists and turns, atrue sense of success will turn out.
The sense of humor and distinctiveinsight of President Chen has received continuous applause and laughter. Studentslingers to ask more questions after the speech is completed. Some of them say,this is the most high-level and fascinating speech over the past 30 DiligentStartup Festival.

Wu Weidong, the director of thepresident’s office and director of the HR department, Yang Haifeng, director ofsupply and procurement department and Contract procurement center of realestate division, Wang Huaiyong, GM of Wuxi Slanvert and Ling Wei, GM of HangzhouHope Slanvert took part in this visit and exchange.

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