UOB Chengdu Brunch President Huwei visits CHG

On March 24, UOB Chengdu Brunch President Huwei and his team visitedCHG and had in-depth exchanges with VP Heidy regarding to future financialcooperation.

Group picture taken in front of Ocean-heart Clubhouse

United Overseas Bank was founded in 1935 and now is developed into the second largest bank of Singapore with 74-year history. It has subsidiaries all across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and China. So far, UOB owns over 500 branches and offices scattered in 18 countries and regions of Asia-pacific, western Europe and North America.

Speaking of why visiting Atlantis, President Hu expressed his attention to CHG’s international reputation and future development and look forward to establishing cooperation with CHG.

CHG VP Heidy extended her warm welcome to UOB’s visit and introduced the status quo and future plan of CHG, especially Atlantis Golden Dynasty and Hainan Mumian Lake Health Resort.

Exchanges on bilateral financial cooperation

Later on, Heidy invited President Hu to visit British model house and French king villa St. Louis of Atlantis.

President Hu enjoys the view of ancient weir

Speaking of the legendary French king villa St. Louis, Heidy mentioned it is only available to VVIP. The first guest of St. Louis is James Hervey-Bathurst, chairman of real estate department of RBS, chief consultant of Christie’s, chairman of UK national heritage and the second guest is Lady Mei Simlai, the spokeswoman of the Queen and the chairman of IoD.

Group picture in front of St. louis

President Hu highly praised Atlantis---I’ve been to many places and seen many European style properties, this is the first time I can see the authenticity of Europe. I’m confident in CHG’s developing capacity and look forward to cooperating with them in the future.

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