Chairman of Loudoun county board of supervisors Scott hopes U.S. would have a beautiful project like Atlantis

On Apr. 20th, Mr. Scott. York, the chairman of Loudoun county board of supervisors, Mr. Rizer, director of Loudoun Economic Development Department and Beth, President of Visit Loudoun visited Atlantis Golden Dynasty and had an in-depth conversation with CHG management regarding to overseas investment.

Loudoun county, located in the western North Virginia and 30 minutes drive away from D.C., is a cluster of high-tech talents and has been rated as the county of highest per family revenue in many years. It has abundant economic and educational resources as well as natural and tourism.

Mr. York was impressed by French and Georgian style villas of Atlantis and Tongji Ancient weir of over 2000 years history and he said it is precious and amazing to integrate such natural view with authentic European architecture in a perfect way.  

Scott taking picture of Atlantis

Looking at St. Louis in the sunlight, Scott kept saying beautiful, good, fantastic, lovely and taking pictures of gorgeous details of Atlantis so as to have something to remind him of this grand and delicate design.

Scott highly praised details of Atlantis architecture 

Finishing the tour, Scott and CHG management had a meeting, during which, Scott expressed he’s aware of CHG’s investing capability long time ago and he’s glad to see how well those properties were operated. He invited CHG to invest in Loudoun county to build grand and beautiful properties there.

On-site view of St. Louis

According to Scott’s introduction, Loudoun county is adjacent to Appalachia Trail which owns a wild hiking path of 2000 km. It is also close to D.C., a city of loads of high-end tourists. He suggested CHG to invest and build tourism properties there to allow global high-end tourists to enjoy cozy vacations. Moreover, Scott also hopes CHG could bring more friends to invest Loudoun.

Message from Scott to Atlantis

CHG management expressed CHG will, together with Loudoun county, build a high-end international exchange platform to integrate ideas and resources of Sino-U.S. new wealth.

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