Celebrity Summit-----the night of atlantis banquet and cocktail party making a success

On Jan. 17th, 2015, the 20-anniversary of CMBC Chengdu Branch and the night of Atlantis witnessed the presence of private bank VIPs, owners of Atlantis villa, VIPs of Ferretti, top clients of luxury magazine at St. Louis Castle. President assistant of CMBC Chengdu Branch, Asia-pacific sales director of Ferretti, Asian champion and world top 5 of Mrs. Globe—Scarlet Ying attended the gala.

380 million St. Louis Castle leads luxury trend of China

After the registration, all distinguished guests visited Atlantis, ocean-heart clubhouse, swan lake and model villa island, showing great interest. People were impressed by the open atrium space, pure stone building elevation, luxury and artistic atmosphere. Mr. Liang, a senior player in property design, highly praised that St. Louis is epic and unprecedented both in exterior sculpt and interior elegance.

Graceful debut of Mrs. Globe at Atlantis

The banquet officially began at 6 pm, every guest was embraced by thoughtful service and graceful environment. Ms. Scarlet Ying shared with the audience about her impression and experience of living in Atlantis and she hopes more neighbors will befriended. Mr. Alexandro displayed Ferretti yacht and shared cutting-edge lifestyle and experience with all presented guests.

Top class festival and private club banquet

This celebrity summit held by Atlantis club provides international commercial, cultural, artistic, educational, scientific activities and saloons for global new wealth. Moreover, high-end customized private medical service, 5-star hotel chef on-the-spot service and tailor-made global high-end travel are also included.

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