Atlantis, in the eye of world marketing master Mr. Milton Kotler Excellent quality and service are the best marketing

On April 14th, the world marketing master Dr. Milton Kotler and US city planner Jeff Lee visited Atlantis Golden Dynasty and communicated with Mr. Wang Danqi, GM of real estate division of CHG. During the media interview, Dr. Kotler expressed the top quality and service of Atlantis speaks for itself.
As the legendary master in marketing ,Dr. Kotler is like Soros in the international financing industry. He managed to integrate the theory of economist hayek and his brother Philip kotler, fostering the well-known Kotler marketing. A great number of global top firms will take Kotler’s directions as a great honor.

Dr. Kotler looks into details of St. Louis

Meanwhile, Dr. Kotler joined Atlantis club as a honorable member. During the tour of Atlantis, Dr. Kotler said it’s impeccable and amazing. He stopped frequently to observe the incredible details.


Precious hand mould of Dr. Kotler

Jeff Lee, US city planner and the director of world water bank development association highly praised Atlantis for achieving grand master plan of landscaping and architecture and reproducing the great and romantic old days by smoothly integrating natural resources and villas.

Improvising hand draw by Jeff Lee

Soon after the visit, the press had a media conference with Mr. Kotler at Ocean-heart Clubhouse. Dr.Kotler responded that Atlantis, a romantic and classic architecture complex, is unique in the world. He was impressed by the most authentic style and high quality of this place last time, while this time, the quality is not degraded but escalated to a new high level.

Dr. Kotler also mentioned the effective cashflow of CHG is the key to accomplish high-end products and the essence of atlantis lies in high quality. He hopes more clients come to buy Atlantis thus more cashflow can enable Atlantis to build better property.

Speaking of tutoring marketing of Atlantis, Dr. Kotler expressed he does not need to give directions coz the brand, quality and service of Atlantis mean everything and that’s why Atlantis is a perfect match to new wealth of China.

The master plan of Atlantis shows great perspectiveness by integrating natural landscape such as brooks, woods and hills with culture, fostering harmony between exterior space and nature.

Dr. Kotler concluded the development of China’s now is a spectacular festival, the quantity and quality accomplished do not only meet the demand of the richest class but also for the mass market. Atlantis did a great job to this regard by offering island villas at all levels other than billion price king villa, all these products will please the high-end customers to extreme extent.

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