Special envoy to Chengdu—further exchange between Sino-UK economy and culture

Ever since Prince William visited Chinain May 2015, Sino-UK has deepened cultural exchanges and communications in manyfields.

On March 20, UKTI held a green property investmentpromotion under the theme of from Chengdu to U.K. On March 23, chairman of UKTIregeneration investment organization and special envoy for sustainable urbanizationto China, Sir Michael Bear visited Atlantis Golden Dynasty and exchangedthoughts with CHG President Chen Bin and VP Heidy in terms of business andculture.

Atlantis Golden Dynasty is the only on-sale property that Sir Michael Bear exclusively visited on his Chengdu tripdue to close cooperation between CHG and ATKINS, Savills, Eastnor and A&K.

Sir Michael Bear impressed byantiques of Atlantis

The purpose of Sir Michael Bear’s visitto Chengdu is to promote outstanding local enterprises to invest in U.K. and hesincerely invited CHG to engage in U.K.’s regeneration and infrastructureinvestment.

Sir Michael Bear highly praisedAtlantis’s attention to details and surrounding views for it looks like justthe pure British manor. He’s also impressed by the style, scale and grandeur ofSt. Louis.

CHG President Chen Bin mentioned hisexperience in visiting Harrow school and Eastnor castle during the exchange meeting.Sir Michael Bear will extend full support to help enhancing ties between CHGand U.K. peers regarding to brand and education.

Sir Michael Bear expressed again hisappreciation on Atlantis Golden Dynasty. “The villa here is just as good asEastnor castle, maybe in the future, this could be the premise for a historyfilm”, he said.

Sir Michael Bear leaving amessage to Atlantis

As the only top 8 luxury properties ofChina in southwestern China, Atlantis attracts many government officials andbusiness celebrities.

The value and charm of Atlantis mostly liesin its high-end unique international circle by gathering global celebritiestogether. We have Mr. TeoSiongseng, ship king of Singapore and congress memberof Singapore chamber of commerce, Mr. David Desantis, founder of Sotheby D.C., SirJames, chairman of real estate department of RBS, chairman of UK heritageassociation and the owner of Eastnor castle, Lady Mei Simlai, spokeswoman ofthe queen of UK and chairman of Institutes of Directors, US Harvard Kennedycollege delegation, Stanford MBA delegation, William and Mary University andPresident delegation, Milton Kotler, world marketing master, President of Christchurchschool.

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