CHG President Chen Bin Invited to Harvard China Forum and Made A Speech

The 18th Harvard China Forum was held successfully inHarvard university during April 24th to 26th.

Opening of Harvard China Forum

Jingdong Group CEO Liu Qiangdong, Chairmanof AB Insurance Group Wu Xiaohui, Continental Hope Group President Chen Bin andother famous entrepreneurs attended the forum.

Tourism, dubbed as smokeless and eternal sunrise industry, wasranked as top 3 in the world together with petro and auto. On the Harvard ChinaForum, the trend of tourism draws great attentions from students of Harvarduniversity, Dartmouth college and Columbia university, scholars, professors, CEOs.In-depth discussion on trend of tourism has been made.

Honored guests and the audience exchangingideas

Harvard University, the most influentialcollege in the history of U.S., is a premium education institute of greatreputation and wealth, knowing as the think tank of American government.

Founder of Harvard

School Motto Veritas  

Harvard Campus             Premise of Harvard China Forum

Harvard Library

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