M.D. Robert Goldman Visits Atlantis

M.D.Robert Goldman, chairman of A4M, chairman of International Medical Commissionand chairman of world anti-aging academy of medicine and Mr. ZhuMin, vicepresident of China International Issue Research Foundation visited Atlantis onJan. 10th.

Dr.Goldman and his team first visited Ocean-heart Clubhouse, where Mr. Wang Danqi,General Manager of real estate division of CHG has introduced that to build ahigh end project such as Atlantis in an area rich in natural and culturalresources represents CHG’s ultimate pursuit in establishing the perfect livingspace for wealth and intelligence class. Following the philosophy of palace,paradise and polis, the project takes Poseidon palace hotel as the core,surrounding by return to Atlantis water world park, 1000 mu mountain worldpark, ocean-heart clubhouse and hope outlets shopping park. Atlantis is famousfor British, French, Italian and Georgian style villas. Owners of Atlantis comefrom China, US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore and Hongkong. Dr. Goldmanlistened carefully and highly praised the ultimate natural resources and proactiveplanning theory of the project.

Lateron, Dr. Goldman visited St. Louis castle in the company of Mr. Wang Danqi. The exquisitearchitecture, elegant interior decoration, Dr. Goldman said the luxury standardof St. Louis is beyond imagination, it is not only a pure luxury project, butmore of a legendary art.

As thechairman of International Medical Commission and the founder of US Sportsacademy of medicine, Karate black belt candidate and an athlete keeping over 20world records, Dr. Goldman is highly interested in the gym and he expressedAtlantis is the representative of luxury, advanced and healthy living style.

Wang Danqi said as the investing operator ofluxury real estate, CHG aims not only to build a luxury project, but also ashowcase of soft power beyond hard facilities. Continuous visits from worldclass celebrities witnessed the great soft power of Atlantis.

Last but not least, Dr. Goldman and his teamexchanged ideas and gifts with President Chenbin, both parties are satisfiedwith the fruitful meeting.

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