Atlantis won Annual Top 10 Luxury Housing of 13th Top China Real Estate

On Jan. 22nd, the 13th Top China Real Estate(2015-2016) themed on new breakthrough was successfully convened at BeijingGreat Hall of the People. As the annual gala of Chinese properties, the TopChina Real Estate has become a grand gathering of related governingdepartments, real-estate enterprises, financial investment leaders andindustrial talents ever since the debut in 2004. Thousands of influencers,experts and frontier managers will attend the gala, achieving the top level interms of scale and standard.

Ren Zhiqiang, utive president of ChinaReal Estate Chamber of Commerce; Meng Xiaosu, chairman of China Real EstateGroup and vice president of China Entrepreneur Association; previous BeijingCapital Land Chairman Liu Xiaoguang; vice president of China Real Estate Board;Kaiyan, previous deputy chief architect of CADG and vice president of AHS andother 20 influencers have attended and convened the Top China Real Estate.

Editors-in-chief of domestic mainstream mediasuch as Beijing Youth Daily, 21st Century Economics Reports, SinaLeju, Sohu Focus, Beijing Evening News, Tencent Property, Fanglong Net, PhoenixProperty, Anjia New Media, Wangyi Property, Xinhua Net, People Net, ReferenceNews, Beijing Entertainment Report, China Business Times, Beijing Business,China Daily, Beijing Times And China Property have unveiled the 13thTop China Real Estate.

Change traditional reward strategy andcatch up with international standards

Compared with previous years, the Top ChinaReal Estate this year has abstracted the essence of tradition and opened a newmode for selection based on an objective and fair mechanism, establishing thereal Oscar of real estate.

Atlantis project, elaborately created byContinental Hope Group won Annual Top 10 Luxury Housing of 13th Top China RealEstate (2015-2016) is a true evidence of high end quality, forward-lookingplanning and scarce natural resources.
Reason 1 to be selected as Annual Top 10 Luxury Housing: natural mountain andwater resources

Located in the core area of south Chengdu,Atlantis is adjacent to Changqiu Mountain, Yijun Mountain and connects toTongji and Mingjiang river, boasting magnificent natural resources. Legendary villasare scattered within a 2000 year Tongji ancient weir and 170 thousand sq.mprivate lake.

Reason 2 to be selected as Annual Top 10Luxury Housing: the master piece of global dream team

Atlantis is the concerted efforts of UKAtkins, US Dahlin, US WATG, HK Belt Collins and CA Forrec, bringing a granddream come true.

Reason 3 to be selected as Annual Top 10Luxury Housing: 1:1 Metropolitan supporting facilities

Based on polis paradise and palace theory,Atlantis builds 1:1 villas with 2000 mu land for customized living support. Meanwhile,international platinum butler, golden key property management system andSAVILLS butler consultancy service are dedicated to premium living experience.

Over the past 13 years, Top China RealEstate has created the greatest reward mode for the whole industry. Atlantis winningAnnual Top 10 Luxury Housing of 13th Top China Real Estate will be anotherlegend to tell in the future.

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