Slanvert''s Excellence Quality

Guide:Integrity is the basic principle for people and governance. Focusing on 20years, Hope Slanvert has been practicing the promise of “contract-honoring andkeeping promises”. On December 17, 2018, Hope Slanvert won two awards:“Electrical Industry Influential Brand” and “‘Contract-honoring andPromise-keeping” Integrity Award”.

Inthe brand investigation activities initiated by Xaar Media in 2018, “HopeSlanvert” product quality and service received wide acclaim. According to thesurvey data, Slanvert is not only a brand awareness, but also a highreputation. It is a benchmark enterprise in the field of electrical automation.“Hope Slanvert” focuses on goodwill and has a high degree of contractualspirit. It is a model of “contract-honoring and keeping promises”.

According to the different requirements of industrycustomer segmentation, Slanvert products will be developed in the direction ofindustry customization. In recent years, typical industry application casesinclude: ship shore-based power supply, thermal power boiler feed water pumpfrequency conversion transformation, ultra-long-distance belt conveyor variablefrequency drive system and other industry comprehensive solutions.

XaarMedia issued "Hope Slanvert" - the electrical industry influencebrand and the "contract-honoring and trustworthy" integrity awards.

Because of ourintegrity, we fulfill our commitment to integrate the values of integrity intothe blood of the company.

Becauseof the integrity, we dare to take responsibility, let Hope Slanvert's corporatebusiness card shine, and also infect our partners.

HopeSlanvert will take the advanced industrial automation technology as the drivingforce for development, with the product development, network and convenience asthe development direction, continue to increase capital investment, continue toinnovate and win the future!


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