Joint Effort for Future Development

Onthe afternoon of December 6, 2018, the annual meeting of the general manager ofSichuan Cultural Tourism and Accommodation Industry Zhihuiku Hotel in 2018 washeld in Chengdu Xingyi Hangdu International Hotel.

Mr. Wang Wenjia, General Manager of Chengdu Hope Cultural ScienceDevelopment Co., Corp., attended and hosted the theme forum of the conference,and actively discussed the "Business Model Innovation of Brand HotelsGroup" and the guests.

Chengdu Hope Cultural Science Development Co., Corp. won the best of theyear in 2018 by cooperating with the development of high-quality hotels andresorts for time-sharing and recreational housing products, as well asproviding customers with professional and personalized golden key servi.

Mr.Bo Xiaowei, Secretary of the Sichuan Tourism Hotel Industry Association andutive Vice President, presented the award to Mr. Wang Wenjia of Chengdu HopeCultural ScienceDevelopment Co., Corp.

Sichuan Cultural Tourism and Accommodation IndustryZhihui Library is an industry service platform jointly initiated by the generalmanager of more than 500 hotels in western China. Adhere to the goal ofinnovation, talent reserve and resource integration, and serve the memberhotels through multiple channels and forms, and the credibility is successfullyshaped.

The theme of the event will be “Concentration on Development, Handin Hand and Building the Future”. Famous experts share “Intercultural Thinkingand Differentiation Decisions”, as well as “Business Model Innovation of BrandHotels Group” and “How to Create Diversification and Personality” The theme ofthe theme forum activities include the core competitiveness of hotel productsand high-end and high-quality hotel products. At the same time, it introducedthe development process of the think tank industry platform and the planningfor the coming year.

Hope HCI

Hope HCI is a joint venture of the HopeHope Science Science Development Co., Corp. of the China Hope Group, which isjointly created by the Golden Key International Alliance to introduce aninternationally mature travel and holiday model, so that more travelenthusiasts can follow Hope HCI. Step by step, discover the beauty of theworld."

The Hope HCI platform boasts highquality hotels, resorts and a high standard of international gold key services.Through international exchange and cooperation, members can choose more than3,000 hotels and resorts at home and abroad to spend your perfect vacation.

HCI is based on the concept of sharedholiday homes, with exclusive customers as the center, Internet + as thecarrier, and “taking you to vacation” as its vision. Integrate the advantagesof real estate, tourism and the Internet, and integrate hotels, scenic spots,travel agencies, airlines, car rental, catering, etc. to provide customers withthe ultimate residential services.

In the future, HCIwill create more excellent holiday travel products, and provide the ultimateholiday travel service for the majority of travel consumers. Travelingconsumers will become the biggest beneficiary of this move.

Hope HCI is committed to creating a sharedholiday home and shared membership program for the hotel, allowing us tojointly promote the innovation of the hospitality industry.


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