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Air pollution in portcities,Mainly from cargohandling operations and port discharges;Shore power,Itrefers to the shutdown of the auxiliary aircraft during the port of the shipand the provision of shore power by the port.

At9:08 on December 25, 2018, the world's first multi-machine parallelhigh-voltage shore power system was held in the hope of Slanvert Industrial Park.The system will be transfered thousands of kilometers to serve a large portalong the coast.

Withthe construction of a large capacity shore power system,The multi-machine parallel technologyof the shore power system has attracted wide attention.

HopeSlanvert proposed a multi-machine parallel high-voltage shore power systemsolution. Its characteristic is that the shore power supply of multiple berthsis controlled by networking. The operation mode of the shore power supplysimulates the parallel operation characteristics of the generator, which can beused alone or in parallel. It has many advantages such as fault redundancy andflexible networking, which improves the reliability of power supply for theshore power system.

The multi-machine parallel high-voltage shore powersystem weighs 100 tons and is up to 10 meters after assembly. From orderconfirmation to off-line testing, the production cycle is only three months,marking the hope for further improvement in the smart manufacturing capabilitiesof Slanvert Industrial Park.

Inthe past three years, SlanvertVFPS series shore power supply system hassuccessively realized the normalization of the ship docking of more than tenport terminals such as Xiamen Yuanhai Container Terminal, Guangxi Beibu GulfPort, Qinzhou Port, Fangcheng Port and Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Port New HeavyLoading Terminal. It has made significant contributions to building a smart andgreen port in China.

Slanvert is a national high-tech enterprisein China's energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy,transmission control and intelligent equipment. Founded in 1998, Slanvertintegrates R&D, manufacturing, system integration and customer service. Theproducts cover high and low voltage inverter control systems and automation.Production line and robot drive control, EPS power supply, port shore power,multi/monocrystalline silicon power supply and other industrial power systems.Provide system solutions for power, building materials, paper, municipal,non-ferrous metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, equipment manufacturingand intelligent manufacturing, ports and airports, rail transit, new energy,charging clusters and other industries. Adhering to the business philosophy of“excellence and hopelessness”, 20 years of dedication and persistence havecreated Slanvert's outstanding quality products in more than 30 countries andregions such as China, India, South Africa, Brazil, Italy, Denmark, Singapore,Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Turkey.

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