OnAugust 30, 2018, the 2018 China Service Chengdu Forum hosted by China GoldenKey and Sichuan Tourism Hotel Industry Association was held in Chengdu HomelandHotel!

With the theme of“Core Value and Practice of China Service”, this forum launched theestablishment of China Service Demonstration Zone in Chengdu, and selected anumber of advanced service concepts and practical cases in various serviceareas to achieve international leading. Advanced service quality service. Atthe same time, the establishment ceremony of the Golden Key ProfessionalCommittee of the Sichuan Tourism Hotel Industry Association was held.

Theguests attending the event included Sichuan provincial government leaders,industry association leaders, industry experts and scholars, andrepresentatives from nearly 300 hotels, property, service companies andcolleges.

Thespecial guest of the forum discussed the theme of "The core value andpractice of Chinese service"

Dr.Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, took the “fine” arrangement ofthe conference as the entry point and talked about the core of Golden KeyService and Chinese-style service – international service, leading service andrefined service. He pointed out that the current operating conditions in thehotel industry are not good, and some means to reduce costs in order tomaintain operations are not desirable. He said: "Excessive savings willresult in a decline in the quality of hotel services, which runs counter to thespirit of Chinese-style services. We should increase our efforts to solve theproblem of energy consumption from the source of equipment maintenance andrenewal in the hotel.” Mr. Chen also called for the establishment ofhigh-quality, high-quality, low-price hotel service agencies to escort allhotel equipment. in order to achieve the hotel's Chinese-style service quality!

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