Ruthless Disaster, Hope in Diexi

Breaking news: landslides andcollapse happened in Xinmo Village of Diexi Town of Maoxian County at 6AM ofJune 24, 2017. Over 40 families of Xinmo Village were buried and more than 100residents were out of touch. 

The sudden disaster drawscommon attention

After the landslide and collapse, volunteers from firecontrol, armed police force, power , water and transportation department wererushing to Xinmo to conduct disaster relief.

As an enterprise with socialresponsibility and an employee with a sense of responsibility, CHG took quickactions. Maoxian county power station, Die-song tourism company and West Qianghomeland hotel responded to the disaster relief ASAP to actively assist thegovernment deployment by making the tourist reception center as the headquarterof disaster relief, winning precious time and providing security to thetourists.

Through common efforts, 10KV frontpower supply of Jiaosong Line were recovered at 10:30 AM of June 24. The recoveryof power supply of Songping Valley and all scenic hotels were madeapproximately at 6pm, securing relief and tourist overnight stay! Now theongoing inspection and adjustment toward all safety hazards will guarantee powerrestoration.

Exhausted soldiers

Meanwhile,the scenic spot of Songpin valley and over 130 provincial soldiers formedmultiple search team to search, rescue and transfer victims, facing landslideand rolling stone risks. All tourists were deployed to Baila Village of SongpinValley, no casualties were caused.

Tourist center became headquarter of frontier relief

Tourist center became relief material storage

The destination staff organizedtourists and provided them with necessary food, medicine and materials. Securityinspectors were searching for stranded visitors to relocated them into safepremises. The onsite staff registered the information of every tourism toensure no one was left behind.

Alltourists were relocated in order to the tourist center and went back home viabus at 1pm of June 25.

Evacuation in order

In the face of naturaldisaster, the tourist center of Songping Valley destination not only prepareditself into an emergency headquarter and storage warehouse, but also providedenough logistical support. West qiang homeland hotel offered food, vegetablesand meat to soldiers every 5am and the canteen provided hot meals every day. Theaccommodation are being taken care of through hotel rooms and camp premises. Localresidents expressed their gratitude by brining hot meals.

Highintensity rescue almost exhausted these sodiers

Rescue dogs fight together with soldiers After a break to recover, they went on

Tents in the scenic spot

Strong logistical support from Songpin Valley destination and WestQiang homeland hotel

Rescue team having lunch

Hot meals from local villagers

The disaster cannot break us, let’spray for the lost souls, remember the rescue support and bear in mind thebeautiful village.,


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