Chengdu Homeland Hotel Smoothly Passed Golden Key International Alliance 5C Brand Certification

DuringSeptember 11-13, the inspection of 2017 Golden Key International Alliance wasconducted at Chengdu Homeland Hotel.
Authorizedby the headquarter, Mr. Wang Fangkun, the COO of Taiwan area of Golden KeyInternational Alliance and Mrs. Song Xin and Mr. Yang Bin, the qualitativeassessment specialists of the alliance has conducted a comprehensive inspectionregarding to Homeland hotel’s front and back areas.

Theexpertise and customized standards were highly recognized by the specialists.

On 9am, September 14, 2017, the feedback meeting of ChengduHomeland Hotel annual service standard and Alliance 5C Brand certification inspectionwas commenced.

Mr.Wang Wenjia, the deputy GM of homeland hotel addressed on the meeting

Thequalitative assessment specialist notified the inspection

With 89.5% standard rate, homeland hotel successfully passed the GoldenKey International Alliance quality assessment and reached excellent servicestandard of GKI.

Mrs. Song Xin, the COO of GKI delivered the 2017 qualityassessment report to Mrs. Zhou Yin, the utive deputy GM of homeland hotel.

Mrs.Zhou Yin, the utive deputy GM of homeland hotel addressed on the meeting.

Mr. Wang Fangkun, the COOof Taiwan area of Golden Key International Alliance summarized the assessment.

Grouppicture During the inspection, the specialists demonstrated thediscipline, responsibility, expertise and standard by serving sincere andsurprising service philosophy.

In the afternoon of September 14, Mrs. Songxin held a trainingthemed functional service and care. During which, audience enjoyed every minuteand communicated with each other on their own opinions.

Training demonstrations

Audiencelistened carefully

Successof training

After inspection and training of GKI expert team, we continue toprovide specialized and customized service for guests coming from afar.

Originated from Paris, GKI has become an international servicebrand with 88-year history since 1929, winning extensive recognition andawareness.

In 2008, on the platform of Olympic, China golden key firstly demonstratedthe essence of golden key, revealing the curtain of Golden key entering intoChinese service industry.

Goldenkey entered into Olympic village as the only service brand

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