Ou Zhao, Secretary of Shuangliu District Party Committee, Led a Team to Visit Hope Slanvert Industrial Park for Research

On April 11, Ou Zhao, Secretary of Shuangliu District Party Committee, visited CHG's Hope Slanvert Industrial Park for research, accompanied by Li Jian, Deputy Secretary of Shuangliu District Party Committee, Su Wei, Standing Committee Member of District Party Committee and Chairman of District Federation of Trade Unions, and other leaders and persons in charge of District Party Committee Office, District Development and Reform Bureau, District New Science Bureau and District Housing, Construction and Transportation Bureau. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group, attended the presentation, accompanied by Qin Manzhen, Chairman of Group's Labor Union, Chen Xia, Vice General Manager of Transmission Division and Zhang Fan, Human Resources and Administration Director of Hope Slanvert Technology Corp., Ltd.

Secretary Ou Zhao and his party visited Hope Slanvert high and low voltage product line, deeply understood the production and operation of the enterprise, innovation and development, expressed concern about the needs and difficulties in the production and operation of the enterprise, and affirmed the orderly production management of Hope Slanvert. Secretary Ou Zhao pointed out that industry is the "backbone" of the real economy and the "lifeblood" of urban development. Under the general situation of building a strong manufacturing country, a strong manufacturing province and a strong manufacturing city, we should distinctly develop an industry-oriented real economy, unswervingly promote the industry to build a strong chain, a strong manufacturing area and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system.  Hope Slanvert has been established in Shuangliu for many years, and there is a lot of room for cooperation in both secondary and tertiary industries in the future. The Shuangliu District Committee should sincerely help the enterprise to solve its problems and make every effort to support the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation and healthy development, so as to strengthen the economic foundation of Shuangliu to build a socialist modern and high-quality aviation economic capital of China.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Secretary Ou Zhao and his party, and introduced the development of Hope Slanvert and its recent production and operation situation. He said that Hope Slanvert, as an enterprise with Chinese famous brand, Chinese well-known trademark and national " Small Giant", has strong innovation ability, high market share, mastering key core technology and excellent quality and efficiency. Over the years, Hope Slanvert has been committed to energy saving and environmental protection, transmission control, new energy, intelligent equipment system research and development and related product design, development, production, sales and service, to provide system solutions for energy saving and transmission control, new energy and intelligent equipment field. In the future, Continental Hope Group and Hope Slanvert will definitely play a leading role in demonstration, actively fulfill their corporate responsibility, further expand the field of cooperation, deepen the "city partner" relationship, increase independent innovation, accelerate the key core technology breakthroughs, and launch higher added value, stronger technology and better quality technology products to contribute to the innovation of science and technology in Shuangliu District.


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