Good News! The Group's Hope Slanvert Awarded "National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise".

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office announced the list of National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprises for the year of 2023, and Hope Slanvert Technology Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hope Slanvert"), a subsidiary of the Group, was awarded the title of "National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise".

2023 National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprises

National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprises are those which belong to the key industrial fields of the nation and the city, can undertake major and key industrial development projects of the nation and the city, have the ability of independent intellectual property rights, actively carry out the protection and application of intellectual property rights, establish a comprehensive intellectual property rights management system and mechanism, and have the comprehensive strength of intellectual property rights.

The successful evaluation of Hope Slanvert as a "2023 National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise" is not only a demonstration of the strength of scientific research and innovation, a reflection of the high level of perfection of intellectual property management, but also a new starting point for the continuous promotion of the development of the industry in the field of industrial automation.

As a national key high-tech enterprise committed to energy saving and environmental protection, transmission control, new energy, intelligent equipment, air purification system research and development and related product design, development, production, sales and service. Hope Slanvert has been awarded China Famous Brand, China Well-known Trademark, National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Small Giant Enterprise, and is a leading enterprise specialised in transmission and control technology research in China, and is a well-known R&D and manufacturing base of industrial automation control system devices in China.

Hope Slanvert excels in research and innovation, not only possessing the leading R&D capability and comprehensive technology level among national brands, but also participating in the formulation of international/national industry standards.

In recent years, Hope Slanvert attaches great importance to the work of intellectual property rights. By following the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards" (GB/T 29490-2013), it has achieved the whole chain management of intellectual property rights of the creation, application, protection and service. By continuously increasing investment, bringing in talents, cooperating with famous universities to carry out scientific research cooperation, and actively building an enterprise science and technology innovation platform, Hope Slanvert has more than a hundred patents, proprietary technology composed of independent intellectual property rights system, and according to the different requirements of the market segments, and through the professional system integration capabilities, customised overall solutions for industry customers, its products and services have been widely used in metallurgy, machinery, building materials, chemical, petroleum, biochemical, pharmaceutical, municipal, electric power, light industry, equipment manufacturing, military and other fields.

The recognition of National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise is of great significance to enhance Hope Slanvert's overall scientific research strength and brand competitiveness. In the future, Hope Slanvert will continue to improve its core competitiveness through innovation, strengthen intellectual property management, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive competitive advantage of intellectual property, and build into an innovative enterprise with strong awareness of intellectual property rights, full of innovative vitality and remarkable transformation effect, providing strong low-carbon technology support for the green transformation of industrial automation industry.


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