Crossover Innovation! They said: We'll Visit Hainan as a Group

" I really can't get enough of today's salon; we'd love to organise a group to go to Hainan to see Qizi Bay and Mumian Lake!" This is the appeal made by Ran Yue on behalf of the participants of the Chamber's salon, which is the first time since the establishment of the Chamber's association that a crossover innovation salon has been held on the theme of "Banks + Enterprises".

On 15 December, Dr Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, led a crossover innovation salon on the theme of "Banks and Enterprises Join Hands to Gather Vitality, Work Together to Promote Development", which was held in Chengdu Homeland Hotel with the bank executives and entrepreneurs from Sichuan Banks and Chambers of Commerce and Associations.

"The projects in Hainan invested by the Group is to make use of the advantages in the fields of investment in various industries and technology research and development to provide users with a comprehensive and composite advantageous eco-civilisation circle integrating high-end real estate, green technology industrial parks, and world-class tourist destinations, etc." Li Haotian from Continental Hope Group introduced to the participants in the salon that the Hainan Hope Cloud Intelligence Valley built by CHG in Hainan, as an important spatial carrier for regional economic development and innovation, has a significant role in gathering innovative resources, fostering emerging industries, and promoting the construction of a market-based economy, etc., and it has become a new favourite location for the world's enterprises.

Afterwards, Yang Hongwei, a CPA, tax accountant and asset appraiser, shared the policies to deal with common corporate finance and tax issues at the salon. In addition, Xian Li, Deputy General Manager of Finance Department of Bank of Sichuan Chengdu Branch, expressed his full support to the private and physical economy. At the same time, he also gave updates on the recent financial policies to benefit enterprises and the financial services and value-added service system provided by Bank of Sichuan to its customers, established a cooperation mechanism through this salon to carry out wider cooperation, helped private enterprises to obtain more financing opportunities through the financial platform provided by the bank, invited financial experts to provide training on financial knowledge for private enterprises, and guided them to improve their financial systems, operate in good faith and in accordance with regulations.

Dr Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, said that this crossover innovation salon is a platform built with bankers and entrepreneurs by the Group as a leading private enterprise. He hoped that such crossover innovation salons would be more colourful in the future, and contribute to the high-quality development of the economy.


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