Hope Sapphire Selected as Provincial Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base

Green, Low-Carbon, High-Tech Leads to the Future

Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, together with the Sichuan Department of Culture and Tourism, jointly released the list of Sichuan Industrial Tourism Demonstration Bases for 2023. Hope Sapphire Gemstone Industrial Tourism Base of the Group was selected as a Provincial Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base!

Hope Sapphire, as an important link in the green, low-carbon and recycling economy industry chain created by the Group, takes advantage of the Group's Energy and Chemical Division's strengths in the upstream and downstream industry chains of clean energy, salt chemical industry, comprehensive utilisation of hydrogen energy, new materials, etc., and independently researches and develops an intelligent production system, which makes highly efficient use of green energy to simulate the environment in which natural gemstones have been evolving over millions of years, and cultivates high-quality gemstones, and is awarded with a number of patents for invention and patents for production of coloured gemstones. The products are not only widely used in high-grade jewellery, precision optical instruments, high-grade lenses and other fields, but also exported to countries all over the world to become a low-carbon recycling economy demonstration project for the comprehensive use of clean energy and hydrogen, which is listed in the Harvard Business School MBA classic cases.

According to the national norms and evaluation requirements for industrial tourism demonstration bases, it is also necessary to provide a high level of tourism facilities and services. Previously, Hope Sapphire was the first in the industry to carry out industrial tourism, forming a new development pattern of "1 Town, 1 Park, 1 Museum and 1 Centre". "1 Town" refers to Chanling Town, "1 Park" refers to Hope Sapphire Gemstone Cultivation Park, "1 Museum" refers to the Geopark Museum, and "1 Centre" is the Treasure in the Clouds Gemstone Culture and Art Centre.

The advanced concept of intellectual manufacturing and comprehensive tourism facilities have become the highlights of Hope Sapphire's selection as a Provincial Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base. In the future, Hope Sapphire will take this as a starting point to provide tourists with a national style tourist destination where nature and humanity are integrated, industry and art are blended, and cultural heritage and innovative development coexist.

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