Qizi Bay Selected as a Beautiful Bay in Hainan Province for 2023

Source: Changjiang Publishing

The stunning scenery of Qizi Bay has always been enjoyed by tourists, and now it has become a favourite destination for tourists from all over the world, and has been successfully selected as one of the beautiful bays in Hainan Province for the year 2023.

Tourists taking photos at Qizi Bay (Photo by Zhong Yuying)

Recently, Zheng Yumao, a tourist from Shenzhen, visited Qizi Bay with his family. The crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, strange peaks on the coast, jagged rocks of different colours, such a beautiful scenery, he praised that it was worth the trip.

Children playing happily on the beach (Photo by Zhong Yuying)

Shenzhen tourist Zheng Yumao said, "It really lives up to its name, the beach is beautiful, the sea is beautiful, environmental protection is done well, the whole beach is clean. There are mountains and water, very characteristic, it should really be well advertised, so that everyone comes here in admiration and return with pleasure."

Half rock formation, half sandy beach, Qizi Bay has a unique and stunning scenery. Qizi Bay's coastline is about 13 kilometres long, in the shape of an S, consisting of the Big Horn, the Middle Horn, and the Small Horn. In addition to the clear water and charming bay scenery, Qizi Bay's strange peaks, rocks, forests and springs make up the unique tourism scenery of western Hainan. Moreover, the beautiful sunset also makes Qizi Bay's stand out. Every evening, the sun's rays fill the surface of the sea, gently swinging with the waves, and then the sun sinks into the sea, which makes Qizi Bay a beautiful bay in the hearts of tourists.

Heilongjiang tourist Chen Yisheng said, "I have heard that Qizi Bay is very beautiful, and I look forward to the sunset."

Yuan Zheng, a tourist from Xi'an, said, "The environment and air are very good, and the sea is especially blue, so I recommend everyone to come."

Qizi Bay Tourist Resort is located in Changhua Town, Hainan Province, and it has been named as the west coast of the international holiday leisure tourism destination, Hainan International Tourism Island, one of the 17 key construction of the boutique tourist attractions, one of the province's eight tourism circles. In 2014, it was named one of Hainan's most beautiful bays; on August 4, 2016, it was approved by the State Oceanic Administration for the construction of the National Ocean Park, was selected as the beautiful bay of Hainan Province in the year of 2023.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of tourism facilities at major attractions in Qizi Bay and the increasing number of tourists, many villagers have opened B&Bs, restaurants, mini-markets, and set up stalls in the village. Nowadays, the sea, sunsets, tropical rainforests and Li ethnic customs have become important tourism "labels".

Qizi Bay stall owner Zou Jianghua said, "Recently there are also more tourists, our coconut sales as well as some snacks are not bad, and income is also good. Each day we sell out of coconut to throw the shell to the rubbish bin, to keep clean, to give tourists a comfortable environment."

In recent years, Changjiang actively carry out the construction of beautiful bay, promote the bay environmental management, explore the new mode of marine rubbish management, carry out the province's first "fishing boat salvage rubbish" pilot, and actively carry out the restoration of the sea defence forest, and further promote the construction of Qizi Bay National Marine Park, the public pro-sea pro-sea facilities, so that the protection and restoration of marine ecology in Changjiang River can achieve tangible results. At the same time, the company has vigorously cultivated sports tourism, ecological tourism, cultural tourism, rural tourism and other forms of tourism, and "enjoying the red of kapok in spring, the fragrance of mango in summer, travelling to Qizi Bay in autumn, and climbing to Bawangling in winter" has gradually become a beautiful business card of Changjiang River's all-area, all-season and all-time tourism.

Feng Yan, Deputy Director of the County Ecological Environment Bureau, said, "The next step, we will follow the requirements of the implementation programme for the construction and protection of beautiful bays in our county, and continue to promote the main tasks in the programme, continue to enhance the ecological marine ecological environment of the county, so that the public's sense of access to the sea and pro-sea sense of well-being has increased significantly."


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