Dr Chen Bin, Group President: Facing Difficulties with Rationality and Wisdom

Recently, Sichuan China-Pacific Economic&Management Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as " CPEMRI ") launched a special course "2024 Macroeconomic Outlook: Policies, Markets and the Future" in Chengdu, which empowers enterprises to grow and overcome the cold winter together! Dr Chen Bin, President of the Group, as a special guest, delivered a speech and exchanged views on the current macroeconomic development trend for the entrepreneurs and scholars attending the course.

This special course is presented by CPEMRI, which is an incubator for small and medium-sized enterprises and has specialised in SME development for 17 years, with a strong team of experts and professors, in order to help enterprises develop and promote the growth of the local economy. The special course invited Professor Liu Fangjian, former Executive Dean of the School of Economics of Southwest University of Finance and Economics, President of CPEMRI, Chairman of Sichuan CPEMRI Entrepreneurs Alumni Association, and Professor Yang Zhuo, an expert in China's macro-economy and rural revitalisation, and Professor of the School of Economics of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and other renowned scholars and experts to attend the special course.

Dr Chen Bin, Co-founder and President of Continental Hope Group, who studied under renowned economist Professor Liu Shibai and holds a doctorate degree in economics, was invited to participate in the course. Dr Chen Bin made some brilliant remarks during the course, analysing the current macroeconomic development trend for the entrepreneurs and scholars attending the course. "In the face of difficulties, we have to use rationality and wisdom to deal with it." He said that the present moment is a point of opportunity for future economic development, and suggested that SME entrepreneurs should follow the trend, find the right direction to strike accurately, and save costs to expand in an orderly manner.

At the same time, combining the advantages and characteristics of the Group, Dr Chen Bin also taught the participants: CHG adopts modern enterprise management concepts, attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, vigorously promotes technological reform and upgrading, deeply integrates scientific and technological innovation with the physical economy, and creates value for the society with excellent products and services.

Professor Liu Fangjian, President of CPEMRI, and Dr Yang Minggao, Executive Director, both highly praised Dr Chen Bin for selflessly sharing his years of management experience. "It can be said that our mission is to help Chinese companies become the backbone of the world economy. In a sense, the experts and scholars represented by Dr Chen Bin are facilitators in empowering entrepreneurs. " said Professor Liu Fangjian.

In the future, Dr Chen Bin will combine his many years of management insights and experience, and through the platform of CPEMRI, carry out consulting and training lectures for entrepreneurs and trainees, so as to clarify the direction of the development of enterprises, and to help the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Sichuan.

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