Group Leaders Visited Harbin to Survey Its Cultural Tourism

How to write a good article on tourism with innovative thinking? This is a new topic put forward by the Group to Hope Cultural Tourism. Recently, at the invitation of President Yu Zhongchi of CMEA, Dr Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, and Ms Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President of the Group, led the management team of Hope Cultural Tourism to Harbin to complete the research and investigation, and Ms Jiang Ying, Assistant to the President of CMEA, and Zhang Min, Director of the President's Office of the Group, and other members of the team accompanied.

( Dr Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, and Mr Yu Zhongchi, President of CMEA )

Ice World, Snow Expo, Northeast Tiger Forest Park, Harbin Grand Theatre, Sofia Cathedral ...... These are Harbin's classic tourist attractions, but many tourists have visited them since winter. Harbin's popularity is still increasing, reflecting the current snow and ice economy is hot. Holding high-quality resources, taking the publicity express, how to pry the "cold ice and snow" in Northeast China into the "hot economy"? Group leaders led a team in the Northeast to find the answer.

(Dr Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, and Ms Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President, led a team to study Harbin's Cultural Tourism)

Walking through the streets of Harbin, it is not difficult to find that what satisfies people is the emotional value. Emotional value can be understood as an ability to bring comfort, pleasure and stable emotions to others. Dr Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, analysed the situation, pointing out that the Group's Cultural Tourism Division should cherish the opportunity of this study tour, especially Diexi-Songping Valley Scenic Area under the Group should design products with a sense of experience with warmth from the perspective of sunshine, ice and snow, Qiang characteristics and natural resources. Ms Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President of Continental Hope Group, put forward the requirements for the staff of Hope Cultural Tourism: shaping the brand of scenic spots must focus on and strengthen the use of new media resources, and more importantly, keep up with the development of the era, to exploit the local characteristics of the scenic spots to form their own unique competitiveness.

CHG’s Cultural Tourism Division: Diexi-Songping Valley Scenic Area

Diexi-Songping Valley Scenic Area, one of the Cultural Tourism Divisions of Continental Hope Group, is located in the northwestern part of Mao County, a four-hour drive from Chengdu. The majestic landscape, unique earthquake ruins, primitive forests with peculiar trees, as well as secluded waters and snow-covered mountains, all make tourists linger here. Here, the snowy mountains and the waters in winter make the earthly scenic beauty is becoming a poem and a faraway place in people's hearts.

In addition to snow and ice in winter, there are also sunny beaches. Qizi Bay, under Hope Cultural Tourism, has always been enjoyed by tourists for its stunning scenery, and has now become a favourite destination for tourists from all over the world, and was recently selected as one of the beautiful bays in Hainan Province for the year 2023.

CHG’s Cultural Tourism Division:Hainan Qizi Bay

Half stone forest and half sandy beach make Qizi Bay a unique and stunning scenery. 13 kilometres long, the coastline of Qizi Bay is in the shape of an S, consisting of a big corner, a middle corner and a small corner. In addition to the clear water and charming bay scenery, Qizi Bay's strange peaks, rocks, forests and clear springs make up the unique tourism scenery of western Hainan. Moreover, the beautiful sunset is also Qizi Bay's "magic weapon", every evening, the sunset light sprinkled all over the sea surface, with the waves gently swinging, and finally the sun "falling into the sea", become the tourists' desired destination.

In the future, CHG Cultural Tourism Division will continue to improve the level of services, to create a more comprehensive, complex cultural tourism industry ecological chain, to meet the customer's quality of life and the pursuit of a better life.

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