Scientific and Technological Innovation and Transformation of Achievements Showing Strength

CHG's Scientific and Technological Achievements Won the Sichuan Provincial Association for Science and Technology's Quality Science and Innovation Project

The 3rd Tianfu Science and Technology Cloud Service Conference was successfully concluded in January 2024 at the Tianfu International Conference Centre in Chengdu. Recently, the Sichuan Association of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the SAST) issued a notice on the commendation of the Third Tianfu Science and Technology Cloud Service Conference for the Outstanding Effective Organising Units and Outstanding Organising Units. Continental Hope Group was awarded the honour of Outstanding Organising Unit.

In the meantime, CHG'S Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Corp., Ltd. and Hope Slanvert Technology Corp., Ltd. recommended the "All-powerful "China Core", a dual frequency conversion four-quadrant master-slave control system for elevators", "ultra-low-nitrogen, full pre-mixed micro-flame low-temperature surface combustion technology to replace imports", and “high-voltage inverter drive system for non-compensated compressed air energy storage," which have been specially recommended for high-quality science and technology innovation projects.

In addition, a red-headed letter was sent to the CHG office. This sincere letter of thanks is issued by the SAST for CHG’s active participation in the development of Sichuan's science and technology innovation cause.

Continental Hope Group, which takes high and new technology as its core competitiveness, has long been committed to the practical application of scientific and technological innovation. Under the guidance of SAST, the Group's Association for Science and Technology focuses on the enterprise's scientific research and innovation ability and strengthens the construction of talent team. It has become a "regular guest" in the previous Tianfu Science and Technology Cloud Service Conference. In 2024, it not only stood out as "ten major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects" at the opening ceremony, but also Dr Chen Bin, the president of the Group, spoke on behalf of Tianfu Science and Technology Cloud at the opening ceremony. The relevant person in charge of the event organiser said that this is one of the highlights of the conference: "market demand-led + effective government services". (For details, click: Hope Slanvert All-in-One China Core" appeared in the 3rd Tianfu Science and Technology Cloud Service Conference)

In the future, CHG will further increase the investment in high-tech research and development, and constantly improve the quality of products and technological innovation, to provide customers with low-carbon, intelligent products and system solutions, with science and technology innovation to empower the advanced manufacturing industry, to help the country's economic development of high quality and green development, and to continue to contribute to the goal of "carbon peaking carbon neutrality".

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