Zhou Lei, Deputy Secretary of Xiaojin County Party Committee, and His Delegation Visited Continental Hope Group

On February 13, Zhou Lei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture, and his delegation visited Continental Hope Group for research and inspection. Zhou Zhenlin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Xiaojin County and vice mayor of the county government, was present, and the researchers of the government of Xiaojin County and the mayors of the townships under Xiaojin County attended together. Deng Tianshang, vice president of GA of New Hope Grassroots Group and chairman of Xinwangda, Zhang Yiquan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of New Hope Liuhe Company, attended, and Zhang Yajiao, general manager of New Hope Service Industry Center, participated. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group, was present, accompanied by Wang Wenjia, General Manager of the Group's Investment and Development Corp., Ltd., Zhang Min, Director of the Group's President's Office, and Han Li, Human Resources and Administration Director of the Group's Hope Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd.

General Manager Wang Wenjia led Deputy Secretary Zhou Lei and his delegation to visit the Group's exhibition hall and introduced the Group's development history, industrial divisions and business scope. The mayors of Fubian Township and Jiesi Township in Xiaojin County introduced the economic structure, folk culture and natural scenery of their respective townships.

At the forum, Vice President Cheng Yifeng warmly welcomed Vice Secretary Zhou Lei and his delegation to the Group. He said, adhering to the vision of "making the sky bluer, the world greener and life better", Continental Hope Group has always followed the path of high-quality sustainable development and adhered to the concept of "energy saving, carbon reduction and green development" for the past 40 years. To the Group, the excellent ecology and scarce beauty of Xiaojin County are both attractive and a heavy responsibility. On the basis of balancing political significance, economic benefits and social impact, the Group is willing to bring industry, capital, technology and team support to Xiaojin, provide strong support and take up the responsibility, take the lead and set up a good platform for both sides to make solid planning and implementation together, empowering the economic development of Xiaojin County and seeking practical benefits for the local people.

Deputy Secretary Zhang Yiquan spoke on behalf of New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd. He said that as a member of the New Hope Group, which focuses on the development of food and modern agriculture, the company has built a safe, environmentally friendly, and reliable food supply ecological chain with the mission of "making profits for the cultivator and benefits for the consumer". The company is willing to provide a platform and technical support to Xiaojin County in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and to speed up the market-oriented process of agricultural development in Xiaojin County.

Deputy Secretary Zhou Lei expressed his gratitude to Continental Hope Group for its warm reception and support. He said that Continental Hope Group is the pillar of private enterprises and has made great contributions to the high-quality development of regional economy and society. All along, the county party committee and government of Xiaojin County have attached great importance to the development of Continental Hope Group and also appreciated the role played by the Group in the economic construction of ethnic areas. During this visit to the Group, it is hoped that it can lead its subordinate townships to learn the advanced experience, and it also expects that both sides can strengthen communication and exchange, enhance understanding, open up the mind, find cooperation opportunities and explore mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation mode of local enterprises.


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