Entering Hope's "Green Factory" and Building a Better Future Together

When you walk into Sichuan Hope Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. in Maoxian County, Aba Prefecture, it is as if you have come to a beautiful garden in the middle of the mountains. This is a vivid epitome of the Continental Hope Group's efforts to build a green recycling economy, and an important result of its insistence on energy saving and carbon reduction and green development.


It was recently announced by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology that Sichuan Hope Hydropower Development Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hope Hydropower") was included in the list and won the "Green Factory".



The "green factory" is the main body of the implementation of green manufacturing, is the core support unit of the green manufacturing system, with the characteristics of land intensification, harmless raw materials, clean production, resourceful waste, low carbon energy, etc.


Making the world bluer and the sky greener

Adhering to the vision of "making the sky bluer, the world greener and life better" of the Continental Hope Group, Hope Hydropower has been takingh the road of high-quality sustainable development since its establishment, firmly following the concept of "energy saving and carbon reduction, green development".

In order to protect the green mountains and waters, Hope Hydropower does not damage the "beauty" because of "profit". In the production and operation process, it always adheres to environmental protection and sustainable development, introduces advanced energy-saving and low-carbon technology, equipment and management mode, implements clean production and environmental protection governance, and achieves the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction and green manufacturing.

Hope Hydropower's business philosophy is also permeated in every detail. Over the years, it has insisted on "greening", "brightening" and "beautifying" the factory area, planting flowers and trees, laying lawn hedges, so that a "year-round flowers and green vegetation" garden-style green recycling economy industrial park has not only contributed to the economic growth of Aba Prefecture, but also become a model of harmony between enterprises and nature.

Promoting 'Double Carbon', Green Empowering Development

In order to preserve the ecology to the greatest extent and respond to the national call for "intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing", Hope Hydropower uses advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly new technologies, equipment, techniques and materials, promotes the establishment of a green manufacturing system by means of clean production, promotes high-quality development of the enterprise by means of environmental optimization, and strives to build a benchmark enterprise that is "resource-saving and environment-friendly".

Over the years, Hope Hydropower has carried out the requirements of the green manufacturing system construction by the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, continuously explored more green practices and invested a lot of human, material and financial resources to upgrade and renovate a number of production lines, sewage treatment facilities and dust absorption systems of the company, achieving a comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste of 100%. At the same time, efforts to beautify, green and brighten the factory have been stepped up, so that the beauty of industry and the beauty of nature can reflect each other.


Sharing of experience and effectiveness of green factory establishment


Intensification of land use

Through proper layout of the plant and optimisation of processes, the company has been able to maximise the input-output ratio, land allocation and utilisation efficiency and increase the degree of intensive land use. At present, the floor area ratio of the plant and office building is 1.0045; the building density is 47.24%, and the output per unit of land area is 22,672.57 tonnes/hectare.


Harmless raw material

The company's products adhere to the concept of green development as the lead, through reduction and substitution, etc., the use of toxic and harmful substances is minimised to reduce the impact on the product and the environment to a minimum. For unqualified raw materials, the company will carry out specialised treatment to make them meet the quality and standard requirements to achieve 100% green raw materials.


Clean production

The production process is controlled at source, with systematic optimisation and process control, and advanced clean production technology is used to reduce pollutants, ensuring that the number of pollutants produced per unit of product is below the industry average, avoiding impact on the environment.


Waste becomes resource

Through professional technical and management measures, residual substances and energy are extracted from the waste and then can be used after professional treatment, thus reducing the use of raw materials and water resources, achieving low resource consumption and reducing pressure on the ecological environment. Currently, Hope Hydropower's comprehensive utilisation rate of industrial solid waste has reached 100%.


Low carbon energy

Through a number of measures such as process optimisation, energy-saving renovation and the use of low-carbon energy, the energy usage has been reduced, enabling the enterprise to achieve a low-carbon level of energy across the board. At present, the integrated energy consumption and carbon emission indicators per unit of product are at the same level or lower than the industry average.


The awarding of this provincial "Green Factory" is a high recognition of Hope Hydropower's long-term adherence to energy saving, clean production and green development, and is of great significance to the development of "green, energy saving and environmental protection" in the sodium chlorate industry. Hope Hydropower will take this as an incentive to continue to increase green investment, give full play to the demonstration role of green factory, internalize the concept of green development and externalize it in action, fulfill the role of corporate social responsibility, make more contributions to promote the green development of the industry and help achieve the goal of "double carbon".



Continental Hope Group's Energy & Chemicals Division

As a member of the Chlorate Expert Group of the China Chemical Industry Association, Hope Deepblue has participated in the formulation of China's chlorate industry standards and has been awarded the "Green Factory". By integrating the upstream and downstream industrial chains of power grid, hydroelectric power station, clean energy, salt chemical industry, comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy and new materials, it has created a low-carbon circular economy industrial ecological chain of clean energy, salt chemical industry and cultivation of new gemstone materials, and become a low-carbon circular economy demonstration project of clean energy and comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy, which has been included in the classic MBA case of Harvard Business School. The products are exported to Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, India, Angola, Morocco, Brazil and other countries.

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