A Promising Start & a Brighter Hope


Happy Chinese New Year!


As the hands of the years point to a new scale, we are about to bid farewell to the stormy Year of the Tiger and enter the vibrant Year of the Rabbit. At this beautiful moment of renewal, Continental Hope Group would like to extend its New Year greetings and good wishes to all staff and their families, and to all those who care about and support the development of the Group.


In the soon-to-be passed Year of the Tiger, under the leadership of the Group's Board of Directors, all the people of Hope have been working together, working hard, overcoming obstacles, showing the posture of a racer and taking up the role of an opener. The Group's Air Conditioning Division has made great strides, continuously signing up with world giants such as Tanneris and Michelin, and continuing to enrich Hope Deepblue's "World's Best"; the Transmission and Control Division has practiced "Double Carbon" with tangible actions, helping the successful holding of the Winter Olympic Games with a full set of inverter transmission system solutions for ski railcars; the Energy and Chemical Division has achieved the goal of 100% green standard for raw materials and 100% comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste. In the context of the tourism industry recession, the Tourism Division launched a new approach to online tourism, ranking top three on the tourism hot list; the Real Estate Division carefully built the Hope Cloud Smart Valley project, setting a benchmark in industrial real estate; the Hotel and Tourism Division provided warmer and higher quality services in the pandemic, winning the "Golden Leaf Class Green Tourist Hotel". The Construction General Contracting Division stands out for its excellent quality, building reliable projects with green construction sites, standardised and civilised construction sites and high-quality structures as its standards; the Intelligent Technology Division has iterated and updated its epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic products, serving tens of millions of people in the front-line application scenarios represented by Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Tianfu International Airport and Chengdu Eighth People's Hospital. The International Business Division has expanded its territory in terms of volume and value, with chemical products leading the international market and sales reaching a record high. The Group has kept pace with the times and won reputation, grandly establishing the Continental Hope Group Science and Technology Association, joining the "three new" alliance organizations and being selected as one of the "Ten Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Transformation Projects", and has received attention from CCTV's "Focus Interview" and has been featured on the headlines of state media for many times; the Group's employees have gone to the epidemic prevention and control front, participated in volunteer alliances, donated money and materials, and contributed their efforts. Throughout 2022, countless work was done.


Forty years of piecing together the wind and rain, writing a magnificent epic; a century of great journey, calling for a new burst. Looking back at the past suffering and glory, there is comfort; based on the mission of the present, there is perseverance t; looking forward to the great dream of the future, there is pride. In the long journey, there are ordinary and outstanding people of Hope. At the break of dawn, the street lamps that are still on see them off; at moonrise and sunset, the twinkling stars in the sky accompany them home. They are the dreamers who are full of vigour, they are the strivers whose mission must be achieved, whose heart was like a rock during the great years, making contributions and reaching new heights when called to duty.


As the bells of the New Year are about to ring, we must be confident, start the year well, continue to adhere to long-termism, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, believe in a better future, enhance the competitiveness of traditional industries, consolidate the foundation of the modern industrial system, and promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of industries; actively fulfill our corporate role, enthusiastically invest in public welfare, actively serve the national development strategy, and earnestly practise the corporate mission of the new era. We believe that the mountains and rivers will reward the trekkers who are not afraid of heights and long distances, and the sea will reward the tide makers who are not afraid of high winds and strong waves with a magnificent sunrise. The prologue of the Year of the Rabbit has been unveiled, and the trumpet of a new journey has been blown. In this moment ——

Set sail!

Hope, lead the way!


May our great nation be prosperous and strong!

May the Group shine even brighter tomorrow!

May all the family members of Hope have a happy and prosperous New Year!


Continental Hope Group

January 20, 2023

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