Racing Sails & Advancing Currents - Navigating 2023!

Year-end Gala

From January 15 to 19, Continental Hope Group's 2023 Annual Work Conference was successfully held. The conferemce summarized the business situation of each industrial unit of the Group in 2022, confirmed the business plan for 2023, and grandly held demonstration activities of each industrial unit of the Group, the annual appointment of senior management personnel and the 20th "CS Cup" award ceremony.

Liu Yongyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hope Group, Chief Scientist of the Group, Chairman of CHG, Chairman of CHG Science and Technology Association, Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, Lin Junru, Vice Chairman, Liu Haiyan, Executive Vice President, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President and Li Zhaohui, Secretary of the Board of Directors were present.

Looking back and Looking Forward

In 2022, in the face of a complex and severe domestic and international contexts, all staff of the Group worked in solidarity, worked hard and strived to overcome the challenges such as economic downturn, recurring outbreaks of COVID-19, high temperature and power restrictions, rainstorms and disasters, and mitigated the impacts on production and operation and project construction, adhered to the general keynote of sustainable and high-quality development, consolidated and upgraded existing industries, actively developed new industries, established a diversified, scientific and efficient synergy mechanism and built a new pattern of high-quality development.

The Group insisted on scientific and technological innovation and did a remarkable job in industrial upgrading, established the Continental Hope Group Science and Technology Association, joined the "Three New" Alliance, was awarded one of the "Ten Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Transformation Projects" and was listed in the "Green and Low Carbon Technology Catalogue for Public Institutions". The Group has been in line with the trend, receiving attention from CCTV's "Focus Interview" and making headlines in state media such as People's Daily, Xinhua News, China News and Sichuan Daily for a number of times, receiving unanimous affirmation from the market and the community. The industrial units were determined to climb, and much success was achieved. (Click here to view the annual report: Our Journey Together in 2022)

At the conference, Dr Chen Bin, President of the Group, summarised the work and performance of each operating division in 2022 and made important planning for the work of the entire Group in 2023. In the new year, the Group will respond to the uncertainty of challenges with the certainty of steady development and stick to promoting growth with controllable risks. In 2023, all employees of the Group will adhere to the goal of "high-quality development" and continue to promote the "striver culture" of the people of Hope, build an elite team with vitality, strength, passion and initiative, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the Group's industries.

In the afternoon of January 16, the CEO Summit on "Excellence Beyond Border - How to Ensure Sustainable Business Competitiveness", chaired by Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, the CEOs of the Group's various industrial divisions shared their successful experiences and cases in different areas such as design optimisation and target cost control, how to ensure profit maximisation through internal synergy mechanisms, how to achieve production and operation targets in quality and quantity in the face of force majeure, construction project management, international market development and strategic customer relationship maintenance.

In the theme forum "Strivers' Culture - 'Hope' Outstanding Managers' Management Insights Sharing", chaired by Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, and with outstanding managers from various industrial sectors as guests, outstanding managers from various industrial sectors shared their management insights on how to build a "strivers' culture", how to improve the source of innovation in enterprise development and how to become excellent technical managers.

The summit was not only a management and operation training and experience sharing, but also a feast of ideas. The gene of Hope is rooted in such elite culture and strivers' spirit, refined in the years, precipitated in the times and transformed in the competition.

Say No to “Goblin Mode”, Say Yes to Endeavors

At the annual conference, each industrial unit of the Group made a wonderful demonstration of its achievements in 2022. Over the past 40 years, the Group has nurtured a number of elite teams and outstanding talents, who are down-to-earth, and daring to strive for their dreams. Every scene shown in the video is inspiring, every challenge shines with the light of wisdom, and every step of climbing records the footprints of those who have fought.

Mr. Liu Yongyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hope Group, Chief Scientist of the Group, Chairman of CHG and Chairman of CHG Science and Technology Association, shared his life insights - "Shan Feng" and " Yong Mei". "After passing through the calamity, we are glad to meet each other and drink to the heroes." The majestic and heroic mood of the Chairman's poem was inspiring and motivated all Hope people to strive for progress.

Racing Sails & Advancing Currents

In the afternoon of January 19, the 20th CS Cup Award Ceremony of CHG was held. Leaders of the Group's Board of Directors, Group Vice Presidents, as well as elites from the Group and senior management of various divisions, honoured and encouraged employees who had excelled and forged ahead during the year.

In the solemn and grand "Pioneer Flag Awarding Ceremony", Vice President Cheng Yifeng awarded the flag on site.

President Chen Bin addressed the pioneer flag bearers, telling them to hold on to the honour and responsibility in their hands.

In the new year, let's keep our original intention in mind, be firm in our beliefs, make a good start, adhere to the spirit of strivers, and jointly continue to write a new chapter of the Group's high-quality development.

2022, a steady march through thick and thin.

2023, when spring is in full bloom, we set sail and lead the way!

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