Our Journey Together in 2022



As time changes, new chapters are created.

Looking back at the year 2022,

Under the leadership of the Group's Board of Directors,

All Hope people worked hard together in unity,

Showing striving attitude

Taking up the role of a pioneer

Overcoming the obstacles to development

Achieving one success after another.

A myriad of work has been accomplished in the annual report.

The mundane can be moving.

The warmth can be powerful.

This is the testimony of our efforts in the past year.

This is the foundation for our future innovation and breakthroughs.



01 The 2022 of CHG

"100-day battle" to ensure delivery, annual sales, delivery and other performance indicators have reached a new level

Hope Deepblue was granted 12 patents and 4 software copyrights, and participated in the drafting and formulation of several industry standards

High-Tech Company has obtained a total of 14 utility model patents and has applied for 12 patents, including 2 invention patents and 10 utility models

Hope Deepblue was awarded the A-level "Two Chemical Integration Management System Assessment" Certificate

Received the "National Five-Star Service Certification"

Became the first manufacturer in the industry to achieve the application of the second-class heat pump for spent steam

Hope Slanvert added 6 invention patents, 10 utility models and 2 appearance patents

02 The 2022 of CHG

A big step forward with successive signings for polysilicon and photovoltaic projects

Signing with world giants such as Tanneris and Michelin

Implementing "Double Carbon", and providing a full set of variable frequency drive solutions for the ski railcars of the Winter Olympics

Cumulative sales of high voltage inverter products exceed 12,000 units

Participated in building the largest alumina project in China

Contributed to the world's first non-combustion air energy storage project

Intelligent Farming opens up a new landscape of digital farming to help the world's highest pig farm

Continued expansion of the ruby market and development of high value-added products such as spinel, purple variegated and blue corundum

International business division sees record sales of chemical products as volumes and values rise

Became a core equipment supplier for national pilot demonstration projects

03 The 2022 of CHG

Invested 4 billion yuan to lay out intelligent manufacturing headquarters industrial park in Tianfu New District

Established Hope Cloud Smart Valley in Hi-tech Zone

Achieved 100% green standards for raw materials and 100% comprehensive use of industrial solid waste at the Energy and Chemical Plant

Creating the Lakeside Spring Dawn Project, a high-quality work of island living

04 The 2022 of CHG

Signed strategic cooperation agreements with the University of Chengdu and Bank of China Sichuan Branch

Organised a general meeting of the members of the Chengdu Medical and Health Care Integration Promotion Association

Updated anti-epidemic products, serving tens of millions of people in frontline scenarios such as Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Tianfu International Airport, Chengdu Third People's Hospital and Chengdu Eighth People's Hospital

05 The 2022 of CHG

Established the Continental Hope Group Science and Technology Association

Joined “Three New” Alliance

Ultra-low temperature lithium bromide absorption refrigeration technology that breaks through the freezing zone selected as one of the "Ten Major Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Projects"

Received attention from CCTV's "Focus Interview" and made official media headlines several times

Hope Slanvert central heating inverter energy saving retrofit technology listed in the "Green Low Carbon Technology Catalogue for Public Institutions" by the State Administration of Institutional Affairs

High-efficiency solar thermal non-electric centralized cooling and energy-saving carbon reduction technology selected as a major science and innovation project in the field of double carbon and new energy

Diexi-Songping Tourism uses digital to empower " intelligent" travel, tops Aba tourism list

Chengdu Homeland Hotel was awarded the "Golden Leaf Green Tourism Hotel" for its meticulous management and high quality of service during the pandemic

Atbositown Cultural Tourism Development Corp., Ltd. selected as "Xinjin District Social Science Popularization Base

06 The 2022 of CHG

Intelligent technology epidemic prevention and protection products were chosen as the official shopping mall of the World University Games

Intelligent technology has obtained 7 international quality management system certifications, "eight certificates and one brand" such as honoring contracts and keeping promises, and intelligent robots and N95 disinfection machines have passed testing and filing

5 utility model patents, 7 appearance patents, 5 medical device business licenses, 4 software product certifications, 3 computer software copyright certificates, and 1 invention patent were added

Added 5 system certifications such as "High-Tech Enterprises" and "Intelligent Health Care System Software Products"



We see that

The "little giant" in the field of transmission control and intelligent equipment thrives,

The gemstones cultivated by low-carbon, green circular economy industry are dazzling

The ecological habitat international health resorts surrounded by mountains and rivers and facing the sea are picturesque,

Beautiful business and resort hotels add luster to the beautiful environment and life,

The beauty of Songping Valley tops the tourism hot list

Intelligent recreation and disinfection systems help prevent and control epidemics and guard health…

Those moments of sweating day and night on the production line.

The figure of a hardworking person working late at night in the R&D laboratory,

countless examples of going out of their way to provide perfect service to their clients.

And the sleepless nights of the ambitious marketing team ......

We see every scene.

We are inspired by each scene

Every challenge glistens with wisdom

All strivers have left their mark.

In 2022, we moved forward steadily

In 2023, when the flowers blossom, we set sails.





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