Mechatronics Division

The mechanical and electrical sector has a global layout and partners all over the world, taking "double carbon" as its responsibility, involving energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, transmission and control, intelligent equipment, waste heat recovery and other fields.Hope Slanvert" and "Hope Deepblue", the leader in waste heat recovery in China and the creator of the world's largest single lithium bromide heat pump, have two core brands, which are exported to nearly 40 countries and regions in five continents and contribute to the world's green low-carbon development.The relevant corporations under the board have obtained CE, UL, EAC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CRAA, CSC and other certifications.Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Limited Corporation is a member of the "Double Carbon" Steering Group for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.Hope Slanvert Technology Limited Corporation, a subsidiary of the board, participated in the preparation of the "Regulation on the rating of low-voltage DC speed-controlled electrical transmission systems", which belongs to the international standard "IEC 61800-1:2021 Speed-controlled electrical transmission systems", which is the first standard led by China in the field of IEC speed-controlled electrical transmission.

Energy & Chemical

As a member of the Chlorate Expert Group of the Chinese Chemical Industry Association, the Energy & Chemicals segment participated in the formulation of China's chlorate industry standard and was awarded the "Green Factory".It integrates upstream and downstream industrial chains such as power grid, hydroelectric power station clean energy, salt chemical industry, comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy and new materials, creating a low-carbon circular economy industrial ecological chain of clean energy, salt chemical industry and cultivating new materials of gemstones, becoming a low-carbon circular economy demonstration project of clean energy and comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy, which is listed in the MBA classic case of Harvard Business School.Our products are exported to Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, India, Angola, Morocco, Brazil and other countries.

Cultural and Tourism Real Estate

The culture and tourism real estate sector insists on the core of "livable, travelable and business-friendly", and is committed to creating international, intelligent and personalized high-quality ecological residence, building a smart recreation ecosphere and a world-class tourism destination.Adhering to the service concepts of "international platinum butler" and "five-star golden key butler", the company has integrated hotel and cultural tourism resources to achieve a comprehensive and composite advantageous industrial chain integrating high-end real estate, industrial parks, high-star hotels, AAAA-grade scenic spots and one-stop amusement and shopping parks to meet customers' pursuit of high-quality living ecological environment and good life.

Drive Control

Introduction: The Transmission Control Division is located in Chengdu, China. It consists of a transmission control research and development center, a post-doctoral mobile workstation, a customer service center and a technical support network all over the country and abroad. It has more than 300 patents for inventions, utility model patents and other proprietary technologies. Hope Slanvert Technology Company is a national key high-tech enterprise dedicated to research and development of energy saving and environmental protection, transmission control, new energy and intelligent equipment systems and related product design, development, production, sales and service, providing system solutions for energy saving and transmission control, new energy and intelligent equipment fields,and one of the largest R&D and manufacturing bases for energy conservation and environmental protection, transmission control, and new energy in China. It is one of the first high-tech enterprises in the electrical automation industry to obtain "China Famous Brand" and "China Famous Trademark".


Mrs. Globe International League

The International Union of Mrs. Global is centered on Mrs. Global’s brand and has created a diversified communication platform for married ladies. The platform gathers celebrities, corporate executives, and high-end members who are caring and good at presenting themselves.


Gem Town

Relying on Diexi Songping Valley AAAA-level national tourist attraction and synthetic gem industry supported by the energy and chemical division, Gem Town is to build a new characteristic town integrating industry, natural resources, and cultural tourism.


New Vision Travel Agency

New Vision Travel Agency is an international travel agency with business qualifications related to inbound and outbound tourism. As the standing director unit of the Sichuan Private Travel Agency Association, it has provided all-round high-quality and professional services for travel enthusiasts in the past 10 years, including food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment, and has operated many popular tourist routes at home and abroad. It provides personalized high-end customized travel services for high-end tourists and has been well recognized at all levels.


Hope•Outlets Shopping Park

Hope • Outlets Shopping Park brings together mainstream international brands from all over the world, including luxury, light luxury, trendy luxury, fashion designer brands, sports and leisure brands, children's products, food courts, etc. In this exotic Mediterranean cultural tourism shopping resort, you can taste and buy international top luxury products, limited fashion products, sports and leisure products, as well as Venetian gondola boats, and Eurasian cuisine.


Hainan Qizi Bay Homeland Resort Hotel

Hainan Qizi Bay Homeland Resort Hotel will create the most unique romantic water house hotel, sea restaurant and super five-star resort hotel.