We have cultural and tourism projects such as New Vision Travel Agency,HCI, Diexi-Songping Valley National AAAA-level Scenic Spot, Return to Atlantis Amusement Park and Hainan Mumian Lake Rainforest Park.

Gem Town

Relying on Diexi Songping Valley AAAA-level national tourist attraction and synthetic gem industry supported by the energy and chemical division, Gem Town is to build a new characteristic town integrating industry, natural resources, and cultural tourism.


New Vision Travel Agency

New Vision Travel Agency is an international travel agency with business qualifications related to inbound and outbound tourism. As the standing director unit of the Sichuan Private Travel Agency Association, it has provided all-round high-quality and professional services for travel enthusiasts in the past 10 years, including food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment, and has operated many popular tourist routes at home and abroad. It provides personalized high-end customized travel services for high-end tourists and has been well recognized at all levels.


HCI Hope Travel

HCI takes Shared vacation homes as the concept, takes member customers as the center, Internet + as the carrier, and the vision of "Take you on vacation" as the service for people who want to go on vacation. It is an international vacation exchange platform providing membership travel and accommodation exchange services. It constantly integrates the advantageous resources of real estate, tourism and Internet, and fuses the industrial chains of scenic spots, travel agencies, airlines, car rental and catering industries across the boundary to build a comprehensive service platform integrating "Internet + Shared residence + health and wellness"


Atlantis Poseidon Amusement Park

The theme park with Atlantis as the cultural background is jointly created by the design team of Universal Studios Canada FORREC and the main design team of Disney in the United States. It is a theme park integrating vision, hearing and smell. It is an ideal place for parent-child travel and family leisure travel in the Chengdu area.


Diexi-Songping Valley Scenic Spot

Hope•Diexi Songping Valley is an international tourist resort of Qiang culture that integrates natural seas, alpine meadows, golden autumn color forests, ethnic culture, sightseeing and entertainment. Covering an area of 167 square kilometers, it has been assessed as an AAAA-level scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration and is also the first batch of provincial-level scenic spots in Sichuan Province.