We have multiple high-quality tourism real estate projects such as "Atlantis•Golden Dynasty", "Hainan•Hope Qizi Bay" Coastal International Tourism Resort, "Hainan•Hope Mumian Lake" International Health Resort.

Hainan•Hope Mumian Lake International Health Tourism Resort

Located in the core ecological protection area of Hainan Province, at the northern foot of Wuzhi Mountain, adjacent to the mountain and lake, it has 83% forest coverage and more than 70,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter. The temperature is 22-25 degrees Celsius for 260 days a year, which is very suitable for health and vacation. At the same time, it is the birthplace of Hainan's three major water systems, and it is also an important drinking water source protection area in Hainan. It is included in Hainan's key cultural and tourism projects and key construction projects.


Hainan•Hope Qizi Bay Coastal International Tourism Resort

Hainan Hope•Qiziwan Home Resort Hotel is a large-scale comprehensive tourism resort hotel invested and constructed by the Continental Hope Group according to star-level standards. It is adjacent to the Changhua River estuary to the west and Changhualing Scenic Area to the east. It is adjacent to Haiwei Wetland Park, Changjiang Bawangling National Forest Park, Mumian Lake International Health Resort and other scenic spots.


Atlantis -Golden Dynasty

The Atlantis Golden Dynasty, created by Hope Tourism and Real Estate, was rated as the "Asian Ecological Habitat Demonstration Project". It uses Plato's "ideal country" as a model to transplant the glorious civilization of 12,000 years ago into reality. The project covers an area of about 2973 acres and has a total investment of about 4.9 billion Yuan. It is jointly created by a world-class "dream team" including "ATKINS in the United Kingdom, WATG in the United States, DAHLIN in the United States, FORREC in Canada, and BELT COLLINS in Hong Kong". As a high-end tourism real estate project with high added value, Atlantis has played to the extreme in terms of resource, accommodation, culture and regional value.