Group Leaders Led a Team to Shuangliu District Committee for Report and Exchange

On December 30, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, led a team to the Shuangliu District Committee and made a presentation to the leaders of the District Committee and the relevant departments of the District Government on Hope Slanvert Technology Corp., Ltd.'s operation in 2022 and development plan in 2023. Li Jian, Deputy Secretary of Shuangliu District Committee, Yang Wanni, Director of District New Technology Bureau, Xie Huashan, Deputy Director of District Investment & Promotion Bureau, Huang Yifeng, Deputy Director of District State-owned Financial Bureau, and Yu Yonglei, Deputy Director of Xihang Port Development Zone Management Committee, attended the forum.

At the forum, Vice President Cheng Yifeng introduced the Group's development history and industrial layout, while General Manager He Jianbo, Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer Zhang Shulin and Financial Director Yang Xiaohong of Hope Slanvert Technology Corp., Ltd. made a detailed report on the company's operation in 2022, current difficulties and plans for 2023.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng said that the sustainable and steady development of the enterprise cannot be achieved without the full support and guidance of the District Party Committee and the District Government. On behalf of the Group, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the leaders at all ranks of the Shuangliu District Party Committee and Government for their long-term care and support for the development of the Group.

As one of the key industrial units of Continental Hope Group, Slanvert Technology continues to cultivate in the fields of energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, transmission control and intelligent equipment manufacturing, and upholds the development concept of "partners all over the world, cooperation for win-win", and is committed to providing customers with high-quality transmission control equipment and system solutions, and has become a national high-tech enterprise and a "small giant" enterprise of specialization and innovation. It is hoped that in the new year, the district government will continue to support the development of our enterprise, both sides will continue to maintain close communication, and the enterprise will continue to increase its investment and innovation to contribute to the high-quality development of industry in Shuangliu District.

Deputy Secretary Li Jian expressed a warm welcome to Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his team, congratulated Slanvert Technology on its excellent achievements in the past year, and coordinated to solve the problems and demands raised by Slanvert Technology on site, and requested the relevant departments to formulate plans and measures as soon as possible to effectively help the enterprise solve its problems. He said that Continental Hope Group, as a representative of excellent private enterprises, has a strong ability to innovate in science and technology and brand influence; Slanvert Technology is a key industrial enterprise in Shuangliu District, and the district party committee and the district government are highly concerned about it; the next step will be to designate personnel for contact services, to understand the demands of the enterprise in a timely manner, and to take the initiative to help alleviate the difficulties of the enterprise. It is hoped that the enterprise can continue to adhere to the development determination, enhance confidence in development, and actively participate in the regional industrial development planning, that both sides can explore innovative cooperation models, establish good cooperation and achieve win-win development. The district party committee and the district government will also actively provide service and protection work, deeply understand the development status of the enterprise, focus on the difficulties of the enterprise development, and take multiple precise measures.

General Manager He Jianbo, Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer Zhang Shulin, Financial Director Yang Xiaohong and Marketing Manager Xiang Mingrui of Hope Slanvert Technology Corp., Ltd. accompanied the visit.

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