Explore New Paths and Integrate New Dynamics丨Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, Congratulates on the Success of the 7th Western China Finance Forum

On 22 December, "Explore New Paths and Integrate New Dynamics - The 7th Western China Finance Forum" was held at Chengdu Tongwei International Conference Center, hosted by Sichuan News Media Group. Yuan Bing, Chief Economist of Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, Li Houqiang, Deputy Director of the Decision-making Advisory Committee of Sichuan Provincial Government, Chairman of Chengdu Social Science Federation and Doctoral Supervisor of Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, and Chen Yanjun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Director and General Manager of Sichuan News Media Group, attended the forum and delivered speeches. Dr. Chen Bin, Executive Vice President of the China Overseas Business Association and President of Continental Hope Group, was invited to send a congratulatory video for the forum.

Dr. Chen Bin was invited to send his congratulations by video as he was in Singapore and was unable to attend the conference in person. Dr. Chen Bin said, "New paths must be explored, and new dynamics integrated, as the pandemic is still hitting hard and economic growth is sluggish, but CHG is willing to make its contribution to the economic development of western China.

CHG is rooted in Sichuan and is committed to the economic development of western China. It is willing to work with the Western Finance Forum to focus on the new dynamics of economic and social development, new technologies, new industries and new business models in the new round of technological and industrial revolution, to explore new ways to accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system in Sichuan, to enhance the resilience and security of the industrial supply chain, and to bring new vitality to the high-quality social and economic development of western China.

The forum released the top ten financial keywords for 2022, "Russia-Ukraine conflict, the new stage of the China-US gambit, the big shift in epidemic prevention and control, high-quality development, protection of property rights of private enterprises and the rights and interests of private entrepreneurs, national unified big market, Chinese-style modernisation, digital economy and artificial intelligence, improving social expectations and boosting confidence in development, and the general idea and general grasp of Sichuan modernisation", released and explained by Liu Fangjian, former Executive Dean of the School of Economics, Southwest University of Finance and Economics. At the same time, awards will also be presented to the brands, institutions and individuals who have been honoured with the "7th Financial Leaders List". The forum is intended to gather the wisdom of many parties, to face the major national strategic deployments, to conduct in-depth analysis and exchanges on topics such as the integration of industry and finance and high-quality sustainable development, to grasp the development trend, to gather a broad consensus, to build a high-end think tank for common construction and sharing, to promote the establishment of a multi-functional platform for policy guidance, resource gathering and industry-financing docking, to form new important growth poles and power sources for active integration into the new development pattern, to gather the strength of all parties to help the economic development of Sichuan and the western region, and to bring together the strengths of all parties to help Sichuan and the western region to achieve high-quality economic development.

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