Deepening Cooperation Between Local Enterprises; Building a Healthy City Hope Intelligent Technology and Sanjiang Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. Held a Symposium for Exchange

On December 10, Shen Ying, Chairman of Yibin Sanjiang Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd. and Deputy Head of the Preparatory Group of Yibin Digital Economy Development Bureau, and Pan Xiaofei, Fourth Grade Officer of the Software and Digital Culture Creation Section of Yibin Digital Economy Development Bureau, visited Continental Hope Intelligent Technology Development Corp., Ltd. The two sides had a discussion and exchange on matters such as deepening business cooperation and building a digital health city. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group, attended the meeting. Zhang Min, Director of the President's Office of the Group, Zeng Xu, Deputy Marketing Director of Continental Hope Intelligent Technology Development Corp., Ltd. and other relevant persons in charge attended.

At the meeting, Vice President Cheng Yifeng introduced the basic situation, development planning and goals of Continental Hope Group, and highlighted the efforts and remarkable results of the Group in the field of intelligent technology, fully demonstrating the positive effects of the intelligent technology division, especially the intelligent health, intelligent recreation and health care series solutions in the application scenarios of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Tianfu International Airport and Chengdu Eighth People's Hospital. He said that Continental Hope Group has focused on science and technology innovation since its inception, and this year it has established the Continental Hope Group Science and Technology Association, which means that the Group has a stronger background and team support in the field of science and technology. Yibin Sanjiang Electronics is focusing on building a digital health city, and Hope Intelligent Technology has leading technology and rich experience in the fields of intelligent health, intelligent recreation and intelligent medical care. Both sides should strengthen exchanges and communication, and on the basis of attaching importance to political significance, grasping economic benefits and focusing on social impact, explore in-depth cooperation in the fields of intelligent health and other fields, create intelligent application scenarios with high-quality products and technology, and jointly contribute to the construction of a healthy city.

Chairman Shen Ying thanked Vice President Cheng Yifeng for his warm reception and fully appreciated the Group's steady development strategy and corporate persistence in focusing on independent research and development. He said that advantageous enterprises promote the development of industrial ecology. Continental Hope Group is the benchmark of local private enterprises in Sichuan, and has launched a series of excellent products and application scenarios in the fields of intelligent health and intelligent medical care, which have won the unanimous recognition of the market and society. Sanjiang Electronics and CHG share a common vision to use good application scenarios while carrying out the construction of digital economy, and to drive the industrial ecology while building information technology projects. In the future, the two sides should further explore the cooperation space, deepen the solutions, promote the project implementation, create value and seek common development.

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