Cooperation for Empowerment and Win-Win - Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed between Continental Hope Investment and Bossco Environmental Technology

Recently, a symposium and strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony between CHG Investment & Development Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Continental Hope Investment") and Guangxi Bossco Environmental Protection Technology Co. (hereinafter referred to as "Bossco Environmental Protection Technology") was held at Chengdu Homeland Hotel. Mr. Wang Shuangfei, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chief Scientist of Guangxi Bossco Environmental Protection Technology, Liu Yongyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hope Group, Chief Scientist and Chairman of Continental Hope Group, Dr. Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group and Ms. Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President of the Group attended the event. The leaders who attended this event also included Song Hainong, general manager and Zhu Hongxiang, technical director of Bossco Environmental Technology, Zhan Lei, general manager of Lanzhou Taibang Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, vice president of Continental Hope Group, Li Zhaohui, secretary of the Board of Directors of the Group, Wang Hua, general manager of the Operation Management Center of the Group, Wang Wenjia, general manager of Continental Hope Investment and Development Corp., Ltd, Qin Manzhen, general manager of the Risk Control Center of the Group, Cheng Wenzhao, general manager of the Energy and Chemical Division of the Group, and Zhang Min, director of the President's Office, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony together.

President Liu Yongyan and Academician Wang Shuangfei had a cordial exchange at the symposium

Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, expressed his warm welcome to the visit of Academician Wang Shuangfei and his delegation. He said that the team of scientists led by Academician Wang, is a "five high team" with high education, high degree, high title, high quality and high level, and has transformed the scientific research results into productivity and become a successful example of the combination of industry, academia and research in the enterprise sector, which is worthy of learning. It is hoped that with this strategic cooperation, both sides will complement each other's advantages and move into the future together for a win-win situation.

Academician Wang Shuangfei expressed his gratitude to the Group for its warm reception. He believed that Hope Group is a banner of Chinese private enterprises and a representative of Chinese private enterprises to the world, and he was honored to come to the Group for study and exchange, which gave him a deeper understanding of Continental Hope Group in industry subdivisions, scientific and technological innovation development and other fields. In the future, Bossco will strengthen cooperation and exchange in more fields to empower the development of the enterprise.

Chairman Liu Yongyan congratulated the strategic cooperation between Continental Hope Investment and Bossco Environmental Technology, and told the story of his scientific research and innovation with simple language, vivid examples and poet's sentiment. Chairman Liu Yongyan said that Continental Hope Group has long been committed to energy saving and transmission control, green energy management, energy and chemical recycling economy industry chain and other energy saving and environmental protection industry investment and advanced manufacturing technology research and development, to promote green, low-carbon and sustainable development; and Bossco Environmental Technology's professionalism and leading technology in the field of environmental protection, which provides valuable resources and lays a good foundation for the cooperation between the two sides.

In the presence of Academician Wang Shuangfei, Chairman Liu Yongyan, President Chen Bin, Executive Vice President Heidy Liu and other leaders from both sides, Bossco Environmental Technology General Manager Song Hainong and Continental Hope Investment General Manager Wang Wenjia signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on behalf of both sides.

Group photo of the leaders and management of both parties attending the signing ceremony

Dinner party for Chairman Liu Yongyan, Academician Wang Shuangfei and their teams

In the future, Continental Hope Investment and Bossco Environmental Technology will actively carry out economic and technical cooperation and exchanges in the fields of energy saving and transmission control, green energy management, intelligent environmental protection, energy and chemical circular economy industry chain, etc. Both parties will take advantage of their respective advantages in the fields of industrial investment and technology research and development, combine production, academia and research, and mutually empower each other with their advanced manufacturing industries, increase cooperation in the fields of technology research and development, industry chain and market channels, expand global markets, and work together for a win-win situation.

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