Investing in Lanzhou Taibang; Dr. Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, Invited to Attend the Lanzhou Fair | Author:Xin Wen | Editor:Qiao Mu

On July 6, the 29th China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair opened in the golden city of Lanzhou, and Dr. Chen Bin, Executive Vice President of China Overseas Chinese Businessmen Association and President of Continental Hope Group, was invited to participate in the fair and speak on behalf of key enterprises at the Lanzhou Key Project Signing Conference.

Jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Market Supervision, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the China Overseas Chinese Federation, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People's Government of Gansu Province, the Lanzhou Fair, with the theme of "Sharing Opportunities, Deepening Cooperation and Creating Prosperity", focuses on the characteristic advantageous industries, such as new energy, new materials, biomedicine, digital information, etc., and deepens the investment and trade cooperation with the countries and regions along the Belt and Road as well as the cities and provinces of Gansu Province, so as to realize the win-win cooperation and common development.

(Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, fully affirmed the business environment of Lanzhou New District.)

With high technology as the core, comprehensive utilization of resources as the link, and an industrial layout centered on "energy conservation and environmental protection, recycling economy, quality of life, city symphony, intelligent science and technology, and international business", Continental Hope Group has formed a close, three-dimensional upstream and downstream industrial chain, and participates in the competition in the mode of large-scale industrial clusters, and is committed to providing excellent products and services for the Chinese and international markets in the long term.

"On the occasion of this year's Lanzhou Fair, the Group is also riding on the trend. The Group has invested in Lanzhou Taibang in Lanzhou New District, and continues to increase its deep plowing layout for industrial development in Lanzhou." Focusing on the theme of the conference, Dr. Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, shared the development of Continental Hope Group both at home and abroad in the context of building the " One Belt and One Road" and integrating into the new development pattern of the "Double Cycle", and focused on the Group's investment layout in Lanzhou.

Dr. Chen Bin said that as a member of the Chlorate Expert Group of the Chinese Society of Chemical Industry, the Energy and Chemical Division of Continental Hope Group participates in the formulation of China's chlorate industry standards, and its "Hope Deepblue" sodium chlorate products are the leading brand in the domestic sodium chlorate industry.

So far, Lanzhou Taibang Phase I project invested and put into production by Continental Hope Group has already realized the annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of sodium chlorate, 30,000 tons of potassium perchlorate and 150,000 tons of hydrogen peroxide. Previously, the Group has utilized its advantages in the upstream and downstream industrial chain of salt chemical industry, comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy and new materials to build a low-carbon recycling economy industrial ecological chain of clean energy, salt chemical industry, and cultivation of new materials of gemstones. It has now become a low-carbon recycling economy demonstration project for the comprehensive utilization of clean energy and hydrogen energy and is listed in the classic cases of MBA of Harvard Business School. Hope Hydropower Development Company, a subsidiary of the Group, has been recognized as a "Green Factory".

"Now is a great time to invest in Lanzhou! Lanzhou New District is a great location for investment! The investment and production is achieved by all people" The on-site speech of Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, won the applause of all the participants and was unanimously recognized by the representatives of the participating entrepreneurs.

On July 7, Mr. Cheng Wenzhao, General Manager of Continental Hope Energy & Chemical Company, participated in the Signing Ceremony of Major Projects on behalf of the Group's Energy & Chemical Division, under the authentication of the Secretary of Gansu Provincial Party Committee and the Governor of Gansu Province.

(Mr. Cheng Wenzhao, General Manager of the Group's Energy Chemical Company, represented the Group's Energy Chemical Division and participated in the Signing Ceremony of Major Project Concentration.)

On the same day, Dr. Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, and Ms. Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President of Continental Hope Group, and their delegation also inspected Lanzhou Taibang. With the joining of Lanzhou Taibang, the Energy and Chemical Industry Division of Continental Hope Group will continue to play a dominant position in the industry and make efforts to build a low-carbon and green energy and chemical recycling economy industrial ecological chain.

(Dr. Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, and Ms. Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President of Continental Hope Group, inspecting Lanzhou New Taibang.)

In the future, Continental Hope Group will continue to expand the scale of investment, strengthen the investment efforts, and strengthen the technical exchanges and cooperation in the fields of industry, academia, and research, deepen the industrial cooperation with Lanzhou New District, and build a green recycling economy in the field of energy and chemical industry, and advanced manufacturing industry ecosystem, so as to contribute the power of hope for the sustainable development of China's smart manufacturing!


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