Green as the "bond", energy saving and carbon reduction depicts HOPE's high quality development

——China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association visiting CHG

At present, it is the key stage of promoting the construction of ecological civilisation and insisting on green development. Under the background that China attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilisation, during this year's National Energy Conservation Awareness Week, a delegation of Yang Yiping, Executive Vice President of China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association (hereinafter referred to as: CMMA), and Li Hong'an, Vice President of CMMA and Chairman of ShaanGu (Group) Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as: ShaanGu Group), visited CHG.

Green for the "bond". "Green development is the main theme of today's economic and social development, industry is one of the main fronts, the machinery industry is the first industrial segment." CMMA Executive Vice President Yang Yiping said at CHG that as a comprehensive management association of the machinery industry, the association has always adhered to the concept of "leading, serving, innovating, and gathering resources", and gathered resources, built platforms, and provided services around the enterprises' needs and expectations. Especially in vigorously and actively promote the construction of ecological civilisation, the Association in the industry to promote energy saving and environmental protection advanced technology and equipment products, prompting positive progress in the green development of the machinery industry, green transformation to accelerate the pace of green manufacturing system construction in-depth advancement of the development of green and low-carbon related industries is gaining momentum.

Yang Yiping said that the Association to "promote the machinery industry enterprise management progress and innovation, promote the industry's high-quality development as the goal", through the construction of demonstration bases, in accordance with the principle of a base and a special feature, the promotion of the industry's advanced management concepts, management practices, management methods, to create the industry's high-end communication platform, talent training base and external display window, to help small and medium-sized enterprises to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

This time, CMMA visited CHG in order to promote energy saving, efficiency improvement and green low-carbon development in the machinery industry, enhance the level of energy efficiency in the industry, and realise the quality upgrading and sustainable high-quality development of the industry, and at the same time, it is also an effective measure to cultivate the formation of new kinetic energy for green and low-carbon development, and to promote the economic growth of the industry, and it is an important way to reduce the carbon emissions of the industry sector and to realise the goal of carbon neutrality of carbon reaching the peak.

Green for the "source". Mr Li Hongan, Vice Chairman of CMMA and Chairman of ShaanGu Group, said during the visit that ShaanGu Group's development path coincides with that of Continental Hope in the practice of "Carbon Peak", "Carbon Neutral" and "Zero Carbon China".

ShaanGu Group adheres to the new development concept, strategically focuses on distributed energy, and builds a "1+7" intelligent green system solution centred on distributed energy system solution and integrating seven value-added services, namely equipment, EPC, service, operation, industrial value-added chain, intelligentisation and finance.

"ShaanGu Group has innovative genes in the field of energy conversion and professional advantages in the field of distributed energy, and continues to focus on the industry's needs for low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, and energy efficiency improvement." Li Hong'an said that ShaanGu Group's energy-saving and environmental protection products and intelligent green system solutions and system services are widely used in petroleum, chemical, energy, metallurgy, air separation and other important pillar industries of the national economy.

In the exchange, Mr Liu Yongyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hope Group, Chief Scientist and Chairman of CHG, said that CHG promotes green, low-carbon and sustainable development through its long-term commitment to investment in energy-saving and environmental protection industries such as energy-saving and transmission control, green energy management, and energy-chemical recycling economy industry chain, as well as technological research and development in the advanced manufacturing industry.

He said that high technology is a way to help green and low-carbon development, but also enterprises to respond to the national call to promote economic and social development and comprehensive green transformation to achieve sustainable development of the long-term plan; to support the transformation of green and low-carbon technological innovation results, support for green technological innovation; to use high technology to promote economic and social development of the green, low-carbon, accelerate the adjustment of the industry structure, the energy structure, and promote the green transformation of the enterprise, and to help promote the carbon peak carbon and carbon neutrality, and to achieve "energy saving and carbon reduction, you and I walk together".

Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, introduced that the Group's mechanical and electrical division has been successfully applied in the fields of green energy-saving and transmission control, new energy and intelligent equipment in the largest single-unit intelligent shore power project in China, the country's largest alumina project, the world's supreme hog house project, and has also assisted in the world's first non-supplementary combustion air energy storage project to be connected to the grid for power generation, the Northwest Petroleum Drilling Project, the "oil-to-electricity" drive solution, and other green and low-carbon projects.

"In April this year, the "central heating inverter energy-saving transformation technology" declared by the Group's mechanical and electrical division, Hope Slanvert, was successfully selected by the State Administration of Management of the People's Republic of China as a "green and low-carbon technology for public organisations" list." Chen Bin said, the mainland hope long-term deep ploughing motor system energy saving engineering applications, but also use the group in the salt chemical industry, hydrogen comprehensive utilisation, new materials and other upstream and downstream industry chain advantages, to build clean energy, salt chemical industry, cultivate gemstone new materials and other low-carbon recycling economy industry ecological chain. It has become a low-carbon recycling economy demonstration project for the comprehensive utilisation of clean energy and hydrogen energy, and has been listed in the Harvard Business School's MBA Classic Cases, and CHG's Hope Hydropower Development Company has been awarded as a "Green Factory".

In the future, under the guidance of CMMA, CHG will take the energy-saving and carbon-reducing high-tech advanced manufacturing industry as a way to help the construction of ecological civilisation and achieve high-quality development, and will continue to increase its cooperation with ShaanGu Group, taking advantage of each other's strengths in the field of industrial investment and technology research and development, and mutually empowering each other in the fields of technology research and development, industrial chain and market channels, so as to provide users with smarter, greener, low-carbon, and high-efficiency We will provide users with smarter, greener, low-carbon and more efficient system solutions. To promote the green and low-carbon development to achieve new results, and to help the green and low-carbon economy and high-quality development to contribute wisdom and strength.


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