University-Enterprise Co-operation Helps Graduates' High Quality Employment

——Sichuan International Studies University leadership team visiting CHG.

This year, the number of college graduates nationwide has hit another record high, and college graduates and other youth groups are facing greater employment pressure. Private enterprises are the main force in absorbing employment, providing strong support for consolidating the stock of employment and absorbing new employment.

All members of the leadership team of Sichuan International Studies University (hereinafter referred to as: SISU) located the summer visit to enterprises to expand jobs, the symposium on university-enterprise cooperation, and the seminar on the high-quality development of Sichuan International Studies University in Chengdu ——CHG.

At the seminar, Dr Chen Bin, an outstanding alumnus of SISU and President of CHG, firstly recalled his study history in SISU, and said that the professional knowledge and personality qualities he learned and cultivated in SISU were valuable assets in his life. After years of steady development, CHG, co-founded by Dr Chen Bin, has now developed into a diversified and comprehensive group integrating five industries, including electromechanical intelligence, energy and chemical industry, real estate construction, cultural tourism and hotel, and international business.

He stressed that the country is now focusing on promoting the private economy to achieve high-quality development of an important stage, CHG through the steady development of strong industry, played the role of industry leader demonstration for the road of high-quality development and the pace of modernisation of science and technology to contribute to the hope of the power of the Group will further expand the future to the SISU as a representative of the absorption of the use of talent in higher education.

SISU President Dong Hongchuan said in the seminar that SISU is one of the first four foreign language institutions of higher learning established by the state, with obvious characteristics in foreign language talent cultivation. He focused on expanding and innovating the traditional talent cultivation mode of foreign language and literature, relying on the school's profound accumulation of foreign language teaching, and enhancing the school's influence and social service capacity in the field of artificial intelligence. This is also in line with CHG's industrial layout based on high technology as the core, comprehensive utilisation of resources as the link, and focusing on "energy saving and environmental protection, recycling economy, quality of life, urban music, intelligent science and technology, and international business", which has already formed a close and three-dimensional upstream and downstream industrial chain, and has been participating in the competition in the mode of large-scale industrial cluster, and has been committed to providing excellent products and services to the Chinese and international markets for a long period of time.

At the school-enterprise exchange seminar, Wu Weidong, General Manager of CHG Human Resources and Administration Centre, and Wang Wenjia, General Manager of CHG Investment and Development Corp., Ltd, as SISU's outstanding alumni, also shared and interacted with SISU's alumni on the hot topics of school recruitment of graduates and focusing on the cultivation of competence in the school period respectively. Zhou Ying, executive deputy general manager of CHG's cultural tourism and hotel division, and Zhang Fan, human resources and administrative director of the drive control division of Continental Hope's electromechanical intelligence division, spoke on the work of helping college graduates achieve high-quality and full employment in their respective fields.

Zou Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of SISU, said that the school has been committed to creating a school-enterprise integration of talent cultivation mode, and hoped that this trip will provide an in-depth understanding of the employment needs of enterprises, enhance the match between the training of talents in the school and the industry demand, so that the graduates can be more adapted to the needs of industry and enterprises and positions, to expand the supply and demand for talent co-operation between the school and CHG, to deepen the cooperation between the school and enterprises in the cultivation of human resources, and to seek win-win solutions for creating a better vision of future development of the two sides.

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