Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, Invited to Attend the Third Hainan Recreation and Medical Tourism Development Summit Forum

  "Hainan's high-quality natural resources are the high-quality resources for the development of recreation and medical tourism." This is the statement made by Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group, at the Third Hainan Recreation and Medical Tourism Development Summit Forum and China Recreation (Boao) Conference, in which he said that the Group's development in Hainan is constantly helping the transformation and upgrading of Hainan's recreation and culture industry through the construction of a health industry ecosystem, and exploring the path of realizing that the green mountains turn into the treasure mountains.

  From September 6 to 7, the Third Hainan Recreation and Medical Tourism Development Summit Forum and China Recreation (Boao) Conference was held in Boao. The Forum set “Restart, the Next Decade" as the theme, focusing on China's recreation industry development. A number of experts and scholars held in-depth discussions around the recreation and health care, health food, health real estate, health tourism demonstration bases and other hot topics, offering suggestions for Hainan to build China's recreation and health tourism destinations.

  What are the advantages of Hainan in Recreation & Tourism? How to realize sustainable development? At this forum, Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, had exchanges with local leaders, academicians and experts in Hainan and representatives of industry head enterprises in the form of conference speeches, personal meetings and roundtable dialogues. The participants shared their understanding, practice and outlook on topics such as preferential policies for investment in recreation and culture in various parts of Hainan, the role of scientific and technological progress in the recreation and culture industry, the concept of sustainable development, the prospect of recreation and culture tourism and the direction of development, the advantages of Hainan's natural environment in the development of recreation and culture tourism, the current situation of recreation and culture and pension in Hainan and aging product design, and so on.

  "Recreation is not just for the elderly, but a bonus for all." Gao Qiang, former Minister of Health of the People's Republic of China, provided insights into the development of recreation and culture in Hainan during his meeting with Vice President Cheng Yifeng; he believed that recreation and culture is the popularization of healthy living, and that governments at all levels should vigorously develop the cause of recreation and culture and introduce corresponding policies to address the most basic needs of the masses and the hardships the masses have difficulty in solving, so as to bring about transformational changes to the lives of the people. Vice President Cheng Yifeng reported in detail the current development of Continental Hope Group and its investment layout in the recreation industry.

"The Hope Mumian Lake and Shanhai Sea Lake International Health Resort invested by the Group is located in the core ecological reserve of Hainan Province, with 83% of the forest coverage; each cubic centimeter contains more than 70,000 anionic oxygen ions; the temperature is 22-25 degrees Celsius for 260 days in a year, which is very suitable for health resort; in addition, it is the source of the three major water systems in Hainan, and also an important source of drinking water protection in Hainan, was included in Hainan's key cultural tourism projects." Cheng Yifeng said, the reason why Hainan will be recognized as a recreational tourism destination is Hainan Island's unique natural resources; its air quality and plant and animal resources are rare in China.

The Hope Qizi Bay Marina International Tourism Resort project built by CHG in Hainan has a planning area of 4,000 acres and a construction area of 1,000 acres, bringing together AECOM and other global master design teams to create "Four Seasons of Sunshine, Paradise by the Bay" by taking the theme hotels and businesses, vacation residences as the core, and to build a unique mountain, sea, and lake international health tourism resort together with Hope Mumian Lake Resort.

  In addition, Dr. Cheng Yifeng also based on industrial research and hot spot analysis in the roundtable session of the forum, from the micro changes in the recreation industry to the macro judgment, in-depth analysis of the development plan of the medical care and health industry, and a full range of steps in the development of the health industry. The first step is to sort out health resources and build a health industry ecosystem, such as natural resources, human resources, policy resources, etc.; the second step is to determine the industrial clusters according to local conditions and the dominant industries to make efforts, such as fine-tuning of the medical industry, the pension and health care industry, leisure and tourism agriculture, and advanced health manufacturing industry, etc.; the third step is to build an industrial platform with the medical and health care project as the hand and the concept of the platform economy, and to promote the health industry park, health entrepreneurship park, health resort, etc.; the fourth step is to help build a healthcare and health ecosystem, help build healthy new towns (communities), and help establish a healthcare and health industry system, a healthy life system, and a health career system.

  During the forum, Continental Hope Group Intelligent Technology Corp. Ltd. signed strategic cooperation agreements with a number of enterprises, including Yi Chuang Group, Beijing Si-Tech Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Helowin Medical Technology Co., and Jiashi Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. in order to jointly create a new technology-driven intelligent pension model and build a silver-haired economy ecosystem.

  It is worth mentioning that after the forum, with the deep expectation for the investment projects of Continental Hope Group, Li Shiying, the chairman of Yi Chuang Group, and her business partners drove to the company's "Mumian Lake" project and "Qizi Bay" project for site inspection. She said she would make full use of Hainan's policy advantages, speed up the process of cooperation with CHG in the recreation, culture and tourism industry.

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