Dr. Chen Bin, Co-Founder and President of the Group, Invited to Participate in the China International Finance 30-People Summit

"Why has Hope Group been successful? In fact, the most crucial thing is to attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation." Dr. Chen Bin, Co-founder and President of Continental Hope Group, said that with the implementation of the national reform and opening up and the realization of the powerful national policy of strengthening the country with science and technology, a number of outstanding science and technology-based enterprises have been born. Hope Group is precisely developed under such an era relying on scientific and technological innovation.

Focusing on macroeconomic trends, financial opening-up, global financial governance and other issues, the 15th China International Finance 30-People Forum was held in Beijing. The forum centered on the theme of "Global Governance of Listed Companies and World-class Enterprises for 2035", and the participating guests analyzed the policy trends, talked about the economic hotspots, and took the pulse of the market trends. Chen Bin, President of the Group, shared his views on the layout of the Group in science and technology innovation in the live feed.

Tu Guangshao, former Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, advisor of China International Finance 30 People Forum and co-invigor of Global Listed Companies 30 People Think Tank Forum, said in his speech that the data of the Top 50 Chinese Enterprises in Multinational Operations show that Chinese enterprises have made progress in terms of products, brands, technological content, and industry chain output, but they still need to continue to improve the overall quality and capacity.

Dr. Chen Bin, Co-founder and Group President of CHG, said in the keynote sharing that despite the impact of the global economic growth slowdown and the turmoil in the international financial market, China's economic development has continued to improve, which fully demonstrates the strong resilience of the country's economy and provides a prerequisite for the Chinese enterprises to continue to develop and grow to become the world's first-class enterprises; because of this, Chinese enterprises should seize the opportunity of the current scientific and technological revolution and industrial change.

"In 1982, Hope Group, co-founded by four brothers Liu Yongyan, Liu Yongxing, Chen Yuxin and Liu Yonghao, was recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China and other authoritative organizations as "No. 1 Among China's 500 Largest Private Enterprises", "No. 1 Among China's Top 100 Private Science and Technology Enterprises in Technology, Industry and Trade Revenue", "No. 1 Among China's Top 100 Largest Private Manufacturing Enterprises" and has becoming a flagship of China's private enterprises." Chen Bin said that behind these honors is the result of Hope Group's vigorous implementation of scientific and technological innovation.

Chen Bin said, in the inverter industry Continental Hope Group not only participated in the formulation of Chinese standards, but also participated in the drafting of international standards. As the industry's head enterprise, success is achieved by scientific and technological innovation. The group developed lithium bromide refrigeration central air conditioning, coking, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, power plants and other industrial sectors to become the industry's recognized "expert in waste heat utilization", and was named "The Leading Enterprises in the World's Environmental Protection and New Energy Industry".

The Group utilizes its advantages in the upstream and downstream industrial chain of salt chemical industry, comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy and new materials to build a low-carbon recycling economy industrial ecological chain of clean energy, salt chemical industry and cultivated gemstone and new materials. It has now become a low-carbon recycling economy demonstration project for the comprehensive utilization of clean energy and hydrogen energy, and has been listed in the Harvard Business School MBA classic cases.

"In many niche areas, China's intelligent manufacturing, represented by Chinese technology, has been at the forefront of the world. Facing 2035, the Group is firmly determined to be strong in industry, confident in continuing to play the role as an industry leader." Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, said in the exchange.

Finally, Wang Yurong, Secretary General of Global Listed Companies Think Tank, made a conclusion: the global competitiveness of Chinese listed companies is an important support for Chinese modernization, and is the "nuclear power" of China's science and innovation. He said that today, in the unprecedented change of a century, the communication between global entrepreneurs and global think tanks is one of the important practices.

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